XMAX 300: Stylish and intelligent

XMAX 300: Stylish and intelligent

Yamaha has been the dominant force in the sport scooter segment ever since the original Majesty 250 and TMAX 500 models created the maxi-scooter movement. The TMAX dynamic DNA also shaped the new XMAX 300, which succeeds the highly successful XMAX 250 that has achieved over 130.000 sales in its 11-year history! Let’s have a look at its technology and talk to our designers.

2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Sporty and perfectly balanced vehicle from 236-703816 (gc_single_col)Sporty and perfectly balanced vehicle
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Body proportions and design motif on sketch from 236-703914 (gc_single_col)Body proportions and design motif on sketch
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Dual headlights from 236-703756 (gc_single_col)Dual headlights
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Boomerang motif now extends into the engine design from 236-703732 (gc_single_col)Boomerang motif now extends into the engine design
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Instrument panel from 236-703780 (gc_single_col)Instrument panel
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Upright lines are emphasized in the design of the front from 236-703822 (gc_single_col)Upright lines are emphasized in the design of the front

“This model is almost 100% new” says Norihiko Imai from Product Planning. “We wanted to enhance the performance level and refresh the design. XMAX was always a sporty and perfectly balanced vehicle for both city and leisure usage, so we decided to keep the overall approach and overall dimensions.”
Styling: 3 themes
Our designers tell us they focused on 3 themes during development. The first was to keep the MAX series design identity, the second the modernisation of the design and the third to visualise both performance and comfort at the same time. 
1. MAX series identity
“We have kept the important design elements from which you can recognise the model at a glance. These are the body proportions that are designed for sporty riding; the characteristic dual headlights; and the boomerang motif which connects the front and rear wheels and which visualises the high-rigidity frame. The boomerang motif now extends into the engine and air cleaner design, for a more powerful impression.”
2. Modern design
“The face and tail both have an “X” shaped theme which creates a modern and updated feeling, also by including the latest LED and guide light technology. The instrument panel features two prominent analogue meters for speed and rpm. There is also a central LCD info-panel that can be operated from the handlebar. A lot of attention was paid to details including newly designed handle switches and the new smart key system switch. This is a vehicle to be proud of.”
3. Performance and elegance at the same time
“A long-time characteristic of XMAX is the more upright design, the front more vertical than TMAX, with short overhang for urban usage. For the new model we emphasized that even more, coordinating the lines with the shape and colour scheme of the front fender. It visualizes the good handling performance.”
“For the interior design, the combination of hard and soft materials creates a higher quality feeling than ever.”

2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Four-valve engine head with roller rocker arms from 236-703762 (gc_single_col)Four-valve engine head with roller rocker arms
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Sophisticated and efficient engine design with reduced vibrations from 236-703810 (gc_single_col)Sophisticated and efficient engine design with reduced vibrations
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Powerful and smooth engine combined with lightweight handling from 236-703792 (gc_single_col)High performance, remarkable starting acceleration and traction control
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Double clamped front fork from 236-703750 (gc_single_col)Double clamped front fork
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Handlebar can be set in 2 positions from 236-703768 (gc_single_col)Handlebar can be set in 2 positions

New engine with ‘blue core’ technology
The new XMAX features a new generation 292cc engine with the very latest Yamaha Blue Core technology. It includes a compact hemispherical combustion chamber with a high compression ratio, 4-valve head design with optimized valve shape and timing, and a newly designed fuel injection system with 12 hole injectors and precise 3D mapping. Roller rocker arms, an offset cylinder design and DiASil coating help to minimize mechanical losses.  Forged piston and a 1-piece forged crankshaft are light weight, compact and strong. The crankshaft’s plain metal bearings (instead of ball bearings) help to reduce noise and the balancer inside the engine and the sophisticated engine mounting help reduce vibrations. There’s an automatic decompression system on the camshaft for easier starting.
“This engine delivers higher performance and top class starting acceleration together with lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions, as well as a smoother and more refined ride” tells our Project Leader.
Traction control
The engine comes equipped with the nice novelty of a Traction Control System, which temporarily reduces drive to the rear wheel when any loss of traction is detected, for added rider confidence in typical tricky conditions like wet or slippery roads.
New chassis with motorcycle style (double clamped) front fork
The new chassis has been developed to give a sportier ride together with lightweight agility.
The steeper fork angle allows quicker steering. The all new frame features a double clamped telescopic fork and twin rear shocks, for improved surface feedback and good high-speed stability.
The front fork construction is more stable like on a motorcycle and the handlebar is clamped to the upper bracket. It can be bolted in 2 positions, for an easy adjustment with a 2 cm forward/backward difference.
Braking power is supplied by the 267mm front and 245mm rear discs, and ABS is fitted as standard.
The vehicle comes with high-grade Dunlop ScootSmart tyres fitted to the newly designed aluminium cast wheels.

2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Smart key system adds convenience from 236-703804 (gc_single_col)Smart key system adds convenience
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Ample storage space under the seat fits two fullface helmets and more from 236-703726 (gc_single_col)Ample storage space under the seat fits two fullface helmets and more
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Windscreen can be set in 2 positions from 236-703828 (gc_single_col)Windscreen can be set in 2 positions
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_Characteristic front and rear lights with dual-arc guide lights, all full LED from 236-703744 (gc_single_col)Characteristic front and rear lights with dual-arc guide lights, all full LED
2017_XMAX300_Scooters_High performance, remarkable starting acceleration and traction control from 236-703774 (gc_single_col)Powerful and smooth engine combined with lightweight handling

Smart key system
When you carry the key fob with you, you can start the vehicle immediately: no need to insert the key into the ignition. You can also unlock / open the seat or fuel lid or left front lid or steering lock by a simple button on the front inner panel as long as the key is nearby. Very convenient!
A 12 V outlet is provided in the left front compartment.
Larger storage space
The storage under the seat is so large, it can contain 2 fullface helmets. The shape is slightly wider now to accommodate a laptop more easily. For convenience, there’s a light inside.
The front windscreen can be set in 2 position by choosing different bolt mounts. The difference is about 5 cm in height.
Full LED headlights
The bright twin-eye headlights give the XMAX a modern and distinguished new face that gets noticed wherever you go. Both headlights, each dual-LED, are illuminated on low beam. Then there is a third central light added when the high beam is switched on.
At the rear end the new dual taillights feature a nicely shaped LED guide light, in the same characteristic dual-arc outline as the LED guide lights in front. Unmistakably XMAX!
Test rider Raymond Schouten comments: “The first time I stepped on it, I was impressed how powerful this new engine was. I almost thought it was a 400! Plus the engine runs so smooth, there are almost no vibrations. The handling is also a big step forward, it feels lighter, very manoeuvrable and also more direct, more like a motorcycle, in a good way.”

Technical specifications

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