X-MAX: new scooter dimension in 250 class (en inglés)

X-MAX: new scooter dimension in 250 class (en inglés)

“This little thing handles like a bike”, the Yamaha test rider smiles, when stepping of X-MAX after first prototype testing.

The environment may seem a little strange for a scooter supposed to be used commuting in city traffic mainly, but partly, testing of X-MAX took place on small country lanes in the hillsides of northern Spain. Another rider carries on:” The X-MAX is fun to ride on these small roads. What works well in these conditions must be great to ride in urban traffic as well”.

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He summarizes the important elements behind the development of this new scooter:

Precise handling
The handling character was a key issue in the engineering guidelines: X-MAX is supposed to submit its rider a precise feeling for steering and cornering. The 15-inch front wheel will respond directly to the riders input on the handlebar, unlike other contenders in its class. There is no “scooter like” spongy feeling in the handlebars when manoeuvring the X-MAX. This is certainly beneficial on open roads as mentioned above, but even more so in city traffic, where road conditions with grooves and rough surface often direct the front wheel into undesired directions. The X-MAX precise handling contributes to a safer ride and one can pinpoint the riding direction when filtering through urban traffic.

2005-X-MAX-03 (71-222338)

Best stability

The X-MAX is another step towards a sportier and dynamic scooter, the X-MAX chromosomes are made of technology inherited from motorcycles. Its tubular steel chassis has increased rigidity comparing to other contenders in the class.

In alliance with a new front fork and a new rear suspension, the stability of this new 250 machine is outstanding in its class. When you can ride down the highway at top speed (highest in its class with 125 km/h), this scooter feels stable like a motorcycle going at the same pace.

Sports and Comfort no contradiction
Rider’s comfort and sporty set-up were no contradiction for the X-MAX project leader Takayoshi Mizuno: ” We targeted the best level of riding fun combined with what you need for your daily commuting.” The roomy seat indeed offers enough comfort for the rider. The rider’s position is substantially different to comparable models. In order to realise a rather short wheelbase and compact dimension overall, the rider sits more upright. This contributes to an active riding position enabling the rider to control the scooter better, both in city traffic when manoeuvring through and at higher speed on open roads. The windscreen has been placed the nearest possible to the rider, resulting in lesser air turbulence and therefore better protection."

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