Milestones in BW's History: 1990-2004 (en inglés)

Milestones in BW's History: 1990-2004 (en inglés)

September 1988
Yamaha BW's shown at Tokyo Motor Show for the Japanese market.

BW's for the first time on sale in Europe under the names of BW's for Yamaha brand, and Booster for MBK brand.

April 1994
First model evolution named BW'S R. It offers a hydraulic front fork with a front disc brake and aluminium 6-spoke wheels replace former steel wheels. Street type tyres replace the knobbly off-road tyres. Transmission has been improved and a lock-attachment ring welded to the frame.

Next Generation: bigger and more modernNext Generation: bigger and more modern
BW's Original, a timeless classicBW's Original, a timeless classic
SPY, Yamaha's first supersports scooterSPY, Yamaha's first supersports scooter

June 1995
New model named BW's Next Generation is launched.  Design is completely new, the model is slightly bigger in size, and the rear part includes a helmet trunk under the seat. And as homologation was then possible, it features a real twin headlamp.
The original model continues to be sold, recognised as a "living legend" and renamed BW's Original from model year 1996.








September 1995
Yamaha SPY is introduced as a sports type scooter, built on Next Generation base but with 12' wheels, special front fender and F1-style mini spoiler on the tail. The name SPY stands for 'Sports Performance by Yamaha'.

Bump: offroad specifications all overBump: offroad specifications all over

May 1996
BW's Bump emphasizes the off road ability of the model with reinforced long-stroke suspensions, real off-road tyres, longer front fender, grille, special seat texture and special air filter.

July 1997
S.A.S. version (Special Antitheft System) is introduced, equipped with an immobilizer, a new technology for the French Market to prevent theft.

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