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Rigging accessories

It’s a great feeling, knowing you have the world’s most reliable outboard. For even more peace of mind, choose Genuine Yamaha accessories.

Genuine Yamaha parts and accessories. Why choose anything else?

Yamaha is a name synonymous with performance, quality and reliability - and behind it is a reputation earned from years of creating outboard engines and marine products which incorporate the most advanced and innovative technology. In fact, millions of watersports enthusiasts and professionals the world over choose Yamaha, simply because it’s the name they know and trust - and because they know we apply the very same high standards and attention to detail to everything we make. So it’s no surprise that they also choose Yamaha when it comes to their parts and accessories. What’s more, all our products are designed to work seamlessly with each other, which means not just co-ordinated design, looks and styling, but more dependable performance and a comforting feeling of peace of mind.