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Complete Range of Ergonomic Solutions

Offered on single Yamaha outboards from 150hp and up, Helm Master EX delivers a more intuitive driving experience to a wider variety of boats than ever before. To complement this, Yamaha offer you a complete range of ergonomic control solutions with three compatible remote controls to choose from.

Flush Mounts – Single Engine Configuration

Introducing the all new 6X9 Drive-by-Wire flush mounted single remote to complete the range of mounting possibilities. Full compatible with the Helm Master EX Joystick and Autopilot, the flush mount throttle features Station Select for vessels with multiple helm location, Neutral Hold, trim and Speed Control for precision speed selection, even at cruising speed. Unique to the side mount is the positive neutral lock and integrated lanyard.


Top Mounts – Single, Twin up to quad configuration

Available for both single and multiple outboard configurations the 6x9 Top Mount Drive-by-Wire remote control is completely redesigned, providing greater ergonomic comfort and fully compatible with Helm Master EX Joystick and Autopilot. For single outboard configuration Trim and Speed Control, Station Select, Neutral Hold are all encompassed in the throttle unit. In addition for multiple engine configurations, Single Lever synchronises all outboards to one throttle handle for a simple, comfortable cruising, or Centre Engine* to run only the centre engine(s) for slow trolling control.

*Centre Engine available on triple installation and above.