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2022 Wolverine® RMAX™2 1000 SE


Funktioner Galleri
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    Powerful 999cc parallel twin engine

    The stunning power of the 999cc, DOHC, 8-valve, parallel twin-cylinder engine delivers class-leading, ultra-smooth performance across the power band - and with the red line at 8,500 rpm, aggressive and spirited riding is what this machine is all about. For complete peace of mind, our legendary durability and reliability is the hallmark of every Yamaha engine.

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    Imposing and aggressive SE styling

    The unique character of this SE model shines through, blending next-level capability with an imposing appearance, thanks to its special colour scheme, aggressive front-end design and rugged tyres. The stealthy front LED headlights and "evil eye" marker lights add more to its distinctive looks, while the LED tail, brake and reverse lights provide excellent visibility.

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    Advanced, comfort-focused suspension

    The heavy-duty suspension is designed to provide a great handling blend: maximum articulation in low-speed situations - a balanced feel when trail riding - and maximum bottoming resistance with a higher-speed damping feel when maneuvering aggressively. The wide-arc A-arms paired with easily adjustable front and rear FOX shocks help create this ideal set-up.

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    3 drive modes - 1 ultra- versatile machine

    Yamaha’s Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) works with our Ultramatic® transmission and On-Command systems to give perfect power delivery in any situation, via its 3-position D-Mode (Drive Mode) control. Choose Sports Mode for wide spaces and spirited driving - Trail Mode for a fun, relaxed ride – or Crawl Mode for slow-speed technical tasks like rock crawling.

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    Stylish and helpful interior lighting

    Driving in low light conditions is a real pleasure in the Special Edition model, which features a sophisticated interior package with floor and console lighting, easy-to-locate blue LED-lit switch controls and instruments that are also back-lit in blue. This premium-level design approach adds to the attractive ambience of the automotive-quality cockpit.

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    Born to tackle extreme terrain

    Many special features deliver this machine’s incredible all-terrain ability - the 3-position D-Mode control and our Ultramatic® and On-Command systems give the perfect balance of engine braking and power delivery, the frame is strengthened for a solid and durable feel - and the chassis is matched to the high-spec suspension, so together they provide maximum rigidity.

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    Versatile cargo facilities

    The Wolverine ® RMAX™2 1000 models feature a tilting cargo bed to simplify hauling duties. Built with hydraulic assistance and a robust latch system, the bed transports up to 272 kg with multiple steel tie-down points to secure cargo or attach accessories. Add in a full 907 kg of towing capacity through a standard 2-inch receiver, and the Wolverine is ready to get to work whenever you are.

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    Premium Front Bumper

    A multi-piece front bumper gives the Wolverine RMAX2® 1000 SE a very stylish look. With two welded steel tie-down points for trailering, factory-installed WARN® VRX 4500-pound winch, accessory brush guard and accessory pod light-mounting brackets, you'll confidently be able to take on the toughest terrain with complete confidence.

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    Durability you can count on

    With its substantial component parts and solid build quality, this machine provides a truly confidence-inspiring ownership experience. As examples: Carbon steel front differential and rear gear case; large DAC (Double Angular Contact) wheel bearings; forged sway bar links; wide-pitch, single-stamped A-arms – the list goes on – and so will your all-terrain activities!

Tekniske specifikationer

Hent faktablad
  • Motor
    Væskekølet, 4-takts, DOHC, Parallel Twin
    Boring x slaglængde
    93.0 mm x 73,5 mm
    11.2 : 1
    Mikuni fuel injection with dual 48mm throttle bodies plus YCC-T and D-mode
    Yamaha Ultramatic® CVT automatic V-belt
    On-Command® 2WD, 4WD, 4WD with Diff-lock
    Final transmission
  • Stel
    Affjedringssystem for
    Independent Double Wishbone with Anti-Sway Bar, 361 mm of wheel travel /FOX QS3 piggy back
    Affjedringssystem bag
    Independent Double Wishbone with Anti-Sway Bar, 429 mm of wheel travel /FOX QS3 piggy back
    Dobbeltventileret hydraulisk skive
    Dobbeltventileret hydraulisk skive, Akselmonteret parkeringsbremse
    30 x 10.00R-14 Maxxis® Carnivore™
    30 x 10.00R-14 Maxxis® Carnivore™
  • Dimensioner
    Samlet længde
    3,030 mm
    Samlet bredde
    1,680 mm
    Samlet højde
    1,975 mm
    2,202 mm
    Min. venderadius
    6 m
    Min. frihøjde
    350 mm
    Køreklar vægt (med fuld olie- og benzintank)
    930 kg
    35 liter
    5.5 liter
    872 mm
  • Loading limits
    Cargo bed
    272 kg
  • Yderligere egenskaber
    Rack and Pinion Steering Assembly with Electric Power Steering
    Towing capacity
    907 kg
    Digital information system