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Finnmaster T8

T8. Choose it when you want the very best

This versatile day cruiser lets you go from an exciting day out to a fun meal with the family - to rapidly and easily transforming the dining area into a relaxing sundeck.

When the sun finally sets, the family can spend a comfortable night in the spacious cabin, which is equipped with a separate toilet unit.

Hurtigt overblik

  • Streamlined, soft-riding hull
  • Easy control and sporty handling
  • Innovative iPad holder at helm
  • Large practical cockpit
  • Wide, protective windshield
  • Comfortable offshore seats
  • Easy access and high freeboard
  • Spacious cabin with seawater toilet
  • Plenty of practical storage
  • Powered table pedestal (option)
  • LED docking lights (option)
  • Convenient sundeck (option)
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Finnmaster T8

Welcome to the country of the midnight sun. Here, Finland’s proudest boat-builders live and work under a magical summer sky painted in the most beautiful colours.

Finnmaster T8
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