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Better than ever!

Technical and aesthetic advances have been made for our premium model, so beauty is more than skin deep on this capable machine. The electro-magnetic auger clutch and smooth hydrostatic transmission - with single-lever control - and ECU-controlled Electric Track Turning system make it a breeze to operate, even in tight spots.

The YS1070T is friendly too – to you and your neighbours. The upgraded, Silent Body design, insulated engine enclosure and large muffler ensure quiet operation that makes snow-clearing a more relaxing and enjoyable job than ever before. What’s more, it’s heated up and ready to start work within around 90 seconds even on a cold morning.

Hurtigt overblik

  • Massive snow-clearing performance – 60 tons per hour
  • Wide snow-clearing footprint – 72 cms
  • Kraftig 2-trins blæser - kaster sneen 17 meter ud!
  • Electrically assisted track turning system – smooth and easy
  • Fast engine heating system – even on a cold morning
  • Unique fuel draining feature for simpler summer storage
  • Yamaha 4-stroke OHV engine with electric start
  • Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) – a joy to drive
  • Robuste gummilarvefødder - fantastisk vejgreb og trækkraft
  • Nem betjening af den drejelige sliske - elektrisk drevet
  • 2-trins sliske - plastforing, der reducerer ophobningen af sne
  • Kraftig, 2-trins stålsnegl - til hårde opgaver
  • 3-trins, gasdrevet højdereguleringssystem til sneglen
  • Justerbar "Snow Jaw"-sneskraber
  • New shear bolts guard mechanism (only 2023 models)
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All Yamaha machines, from motorcycles and ATVs, to WaveRunner watercraft and outboard engines - to our legendary snowmobiles - are designed and engineered to make your life more relaxing and enjoyable. In the case of these hard-working snow throwers, our mission is to turn a chore into a pleasure!

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    YS1070T Blue

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