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RSVenture TF


Funktioner Galleri
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    Integrated storage with hardtop

    A spacious storage compartment with a hardtop lid is perfectly integrated into the sleek, stylish bodywork of the RSVenture TF. Its weather-resistant seal helps keep out snow dust and moisture - guarding your possessions against damage.

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    ProComfort 151 rear suspension

    Designed as the perfect rear suspension for passenger snowmobiles, the ProComfort 151 delivers excellent ride comfort and consistent anti-bottoming performance for one rider or two, with a flip-up rail to make off trail manoeuvres even easier. Spring pre-loading can be easily varied using the convenient Tri-cam adjuster.

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    Multi-function digital instrument panel

    All essential ride data is displayed on a fully-featured digital gauge, displaying speed, RPM, grip heater level, dual trip meters and a clock. In addition, an oil trip readout tells you when it's time for an oil change, while a fuel trip readout displays kilometres covered since the fuel warning light came on.

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    Rider comfort - fully adjustable back rest

    A simple lever release makes it easy to move the whole backrest forward or backward for solo or 2-up riding. The cushion can also be rotated for optimal personal comfort. The level-adjustable heated passenger hand grips have two height positions, to accommodate both large and small passengers.

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    Revolutionary EPS (Electric Power Steering)

    EPS means easier, more relaxed riding. A small electric actuator produces the optimum level of assistance for the speed and snow conditions, so the machine feels lighter and more stable during turns, with less ski lift. It also insulates the rider from kickback, making it easier to move the handlebars for more precise steering.

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    Advanced Fuel Injection and engine setting control

    The Genesis® 4-stroke engine uses Yamaha's advanced Fuel Injection system to control fuel flow. The result is hassle-free, spot-on performance and throttle response across the full power band, whatever the conditions. The outstanding YCC-T and D-MODE systems put even more engine control in your hands, for relaxed riding.

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    Comfortable and relaxing handlebar position

    To optimise rider ergonomics, the handlebar has been set well forward. Analysis has shown that this extra space makes steering and balancing the machine far easier and contributes to the rider's confidence and comfort.

Tekniske specifikationer

Hent faktablad
  • Engine
    4 Stroke / 1,049cc
    Boring x slaglængde
    82.0 mm x 66.2 mm
    41mmMikuni x 3, Brændstofindsprøjtning, Væskeopvarmet
    Digital T.C.I. w/T.P.S.
    2 ventiler, bageste udstødning
    Kobling / gearkasse
    YVXC, Variabelt forhold, Elektronisk skift, bak, Kædehus og afdækning i magnesium
    Disc brake system
    Hydraulisk, 2-stempelkaliper i aluminium, Ventilated Disc, Mekanisk parkeringsbremse
  • Suspension
    Affjedringssystem for
    Uafhængig, dobbelt bærearm
    KYB, 36mm Piston, H.P.G. Aluminium
    Vandring for
    219 mm
    Affjedringssystem bag
    ProComfort w/Flip Up Rails
    KYB, 36 mm Piston, H.P.G., Aluminium / KYB, 36 mm Piston, H.P.G., Aluminium
    Vandring bag
    351 mm
  • Measures / Dimensions
    Samlet højde
    1,380 mm
    Samlet længde
    3,215 mm
    Samlet bredde
    1,245 mm
    Bane B x L x H (")
    15 " x 151 " x 1.25 "
    Bane B x L x H (mm)
    381 mm x 3,835 mm x 31.8 mm
    Camso® Ripsaw™
    Skiposition (midt-til-midt)
    1,080 mm
  • Features
    Elektrisk start
    Hånd- og tommelvarmere
    standard, 9-positions, Justerbar, Separate, Passenger Grip Heating Standard
    Forlygte, Watt, type
    60/55W Halogen x 2