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Yard Built XJR1300 ‘Monkeefist’ by Wrenchmonkees


The first custom builder to take up our challenge is Danish special builder Wrenchmonkees. “We have watched with interest Yamaha’s other projects such as the Hyper Modified VMAX and TMAX,” said Per Nielsen, Crew Chief at Wrenchmonkees. “Generally we work on older bikes and have modified Yamaha SR500s and XS650s, but it has been really nice to show what we can do to a modern machine such as the XJR1300.”

“With the XJR we were determined to showcase what you could do with the bike, how cool it could look with a café racer style. We really wanted to push the boat out and make something inspirational for XJR fans.”

“Hopefully our bike will inspire XJR owners who want to modify their machines into something even more special. Now we have built our bike as a prototype we are looking to see how we can create unique aftermarket XJR1300 kits to allow owners to replicate some of our ideas in their home garages. Anyone can build their very own Yard Built Yamaha to reflect their individual personality.” Wrenchmonkees can be contacted via their website

Wrenchmonkees Monkeefist custom kit released

Now Wrench Monkees has released a selection of kits parts to enable owners of the Yamaha XJR1200 and XJR1300 to convert their motorcycles into their very own Yard Built specials. Wrenchmonkees have now developed a selection of parts that can be used to transform the Yamaha models into unique custom café racers.

2014_YAM_XJR1300ERWMKIT_EU_DET_001 (gal_col)

Most of their parts they have designed so that the Yamaha tank, frame, swingarm and subframe are all standard, meaning owners will not have to modify the main body of the bike, instead they simply have to remove existing components and bolt on the kit parts. This means that less mechanically experienced riders can feel confident when it comes to transforming the appearance of their bike in their own garage.

2014_YAM_XJR1300ERWMKIT_EU_DET_002 (gal_col)

Wrenchmonkees can be contacted at:

2014_YAM_XJR1300ERWMKIT_EU_STA_001 (gal_col)

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