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Yamaha launches new PWseries S2 drive unit and Display B

All new Yamaha PWseries S2 drive unit: Less is more

Developed with the philosophy that ‘less is more’ the PWseries S2 drive unit is significantly lighter and more powerful than the best-selling PWseries ST launched in 2018. Offering a natural and pleasant riding experience, this new e-Bike system is designed to satisfy the needs of European e-Bike manufacturers.

The new PWseries S2, built on the proven strengths of the PWseries ST, elevates the riding experience to another level – making this multi-role drive unit ideally suited to everything from commuting and general daily usage through to countryside trekking, weekend touring and mountain trail riding.

Complementing the new PWseries S2 drive unit is the new Display B – a user interface that’s been designed to provide accessible information together with ease of operations. This simple, durable and reliable system is aimed at the leisure rider market that values a ‘ready to go’ design requiring minimal set-up.  

European production expedites Yamaha’s Carbon Neutrality goal

As part of Yamaha’s accelerated carbon neutrality goal for 2050, Yamaha drive units will be produced at the company’s wholly-owned MBK Industrie facility based in France.

As well as contributing towards Yamaha’s aim of carbon neutrality, the relocation of PWseries drive unit production from Japan to Western Europe, reduces the need for expensive and recently unreliable logistics operations and offers many additional benefits to bicycle manufacturers: lead times substantially reduced, enhanced flexibility in deliveries, external supply chain shocks – such as port congestion – eliminated, optimized packing for inland EU logistics and waste reduction.

MBK Industrie’s St Quentin factory currently manufactures over 80,000 Yamaha motorcycles, scooters and recreational vehicles each year. With ISO 14001, for environment protection, and ISO 9001, for quality enhancement, certifications – MBK Industrie is ready to offer the highest levels of service to our EU customers.

Carbon Neutrality Factory