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Finnmaster 55BR

Key Features

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    Comfortable soft-riding hull design

    Ride comfort is a vitally important factor in any successful boat design, so all our hulls are expertly crafted to master the water and deliver a soft, secure-feeling ride for driver and passengers alike - whatever the sea conditions.

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    Precise handling and control

    Handling is an area that gets special attention from our designers, which is why Finnmaster boats are renowned for their user-friendly characteristics and easy manoeuverability. We also test our boats with a range of Yamaha engine power options to ensure that whatever level you choose, your boat responds in just the way you expect. Every time.

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    Sturdy glass windshield

    The large wrap-around glass windshield not only gives you great visibility but protects you - and your passengers - from wind and spray, even in the stern seat.

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    Comfort is a priority

    There is plenty of seating in the aft cockpit and at the bow - and the adjustable offshore seats are sturdy as well as comfortable.

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    Smart storage

    This model is designed for having fun out on the water, so there's practical storage space to stash the things you'll need for a trip, both in the bow and under the seating. What's more, when you open one of the hatches under the seating, the cushions remain conveniently in place.

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    Easy access

    Our aim is always to keep you safe and secure, so you can relax and enjoy your boating. That's why we fit conveniently placed bow, stern and side steps, as well as stainless steel handrails, to make boarding and access easier for all the family. Fenders with covers and ropes are standard features.

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    Anchor boxes

    Three roomy anchor boxes are standard equipment.

Technical Specifications

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  • Boat specifications
    5.60 m
    Hull length
    0.40 m
    2.27 m
    Dry weight
    650 kg
    No. of persons
    CE Design Certification
    Yamaha Engine
    60-100 hp