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FX Cruiser SVHO

Key Features

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    Supercharged, DOHC, 16V 1,812cc engine

    This amazing SVHO® (Super Vortex High Output) engine produces smooth, flexible power and features highly efficient cooling and air intake systems as well as strong engine internals. The large Hyper-Flow jet pump helps turn that power into electrifying acceleration - and the Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) gives smooth and efficient power output.

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    Aerodynamic shape

    The capable hull of this FX model cuts through the water, providing stability on any offshore adventure. Impressively rigid and strong, it gives these machines awesome on-water performance with stunning acceleration, higher top speed, greater economy - and an even more comfortable ride.

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    Electronic control - another riding revolution

    Our sophisticated Electronic control system will delight you with its 'intelligent' features. Use Cruise-Assist to set and maintain exact speeds, the 3-position No Wake Mode to navigate through low-speed areas - and electronic Reverse-assist and TDE (Thrust Directional Enhancement) for ultra-low speed manoeuvring and docking

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    Drive Control System

    This latest generation of our well known 'L-mode' system allows you to not only pre-set a top-speed limit but also an acceleration curve, making it the perfect partner when you're towing tubes or wakeboards. You can also lock in lower speed settings for novice riders - and set a steady speed on longer trips, in order to achieve maximum economy.

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    Electronic Trim System

    This remarkable system offers complete control of the trim position on the fly. Using the two buttons by the left hand grip, simply click the trim in to pull a tight turn, and click out again to blast away. The clear read-out of the trim position while on the move is another feature of the stylish latest CONNEXT colour display.

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    Luxury, comfort, footwell drainage - and easier re-boarding

    From four-step, tilt-adjustable steering to a luxury three-person cruiser seat; from practical handlebar tie points to a large swim platform with a deeper, wider, softer, more comfortable step and dual handles for re-boarding; this FX Cruiser really does have it all. It even has an industry-first footwell drainage system.

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    30% more storage

    We've designed around 30% more easy-access storage into our FX models - so your adventures can be longer and take you further. There are cleverly integrated, practical storage solutions all around: a very large watertight glovebox compartment, generous storage under the seats, at the bow and stern.

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    Unique simple-to-use security system

    With this innovative system there's no separate remote control to worry about - just use a PIN code to set and unset your security and control modes via the handy switch - and a touch on the CONNEXT display screen.

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    Enjoy stand out speaker sound whilst their design blends seamlessly into the lines of the WaveRunner, colour matched and perfectly integrated with the rest of your machine.

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    Enhanced Display

    See the bigger picture in full colour on the largest screen we offer. It's GPS map-ready and complete with smartphone synchronisation.

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    Extra features as standard

    Enjoy extra features as standard on the FX Cruiser SVHO – Limited Edition. Flush mounted, pop-up cleats allow for simple, stress free moorings in marinas or when picking up a mooring buoy; and the premium graphics and colour scheme is also a real head turner.

Technical Specifications

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  • Engine
    Engine type
    Supercharged 4-cylinder, Super Vortex High Output
    Lubrication system
    Wet sump
    Bore x stroke
    86mm × 78mm
    Compression ratio
    8.5 : 1
    Pump Type
    160mm axial flow
    Unleaded premium Gasoline
    Fuel supply system
    Electronic Fuel Injection
    Fuel capacity
    Oil capacity
  • Dimensions
    Dry weight
    397 kg
  • Features
    Storage Capacity
    Rider capacity
    1-3 persons