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Clean the Sea


Entering its third year in 2021, Yamaha Motor Portugal’s inspiring Clean the Sea project has been bringing sustainability and passion for nature ever closer, focusing on diverse ocean environments that unite the unique passion for the big blue.

Its key objective was the creation of an environmental and social responsibility campaign that would demonstrate Yamaha’s commitment towards preventing the danger to our planet, and would motivate its communities and customers to do the same.

Ocean care

The inspiration for the project came in 2017, amid a number of Marine events such as harbor cleaning in Nazaré, Portugal and Yamaha Experience test rides where frequently the event activities were hindered by rubbish in the water. Following a boost from Yamaha’s communication campaign on the issues presented by ocean plastic pollution, Clean the Sea was launched in February 2019 at the Lisbon National Boat Show, with special participation from record-breaking American surfer Garrett McNamara. In 2011 Garrett beat the record for the highest wave ever surfed, 78ft, in Nazaré, before beating his own record in 2013 after surfing an enormous 100ft at the same location. As a Yamaha ambassador he has contributed to many of its Marine activities and environmental initiatives.

In its first year Clean the Sea organised a major cleaning operation with Garrett and less fortunate teenagers from Cascais, involving a Yamaha XTO-powered boat journey along the Tagus river up to central Lisbon. Several partners were involved in the large-scale operation that was just the beginning of Clean the Sea, including Cascais City Hall and Earth Water, an eco-friendly bottled water and part of the World Food Program. Yamaha also made use of recycled bags for collecting the rubbish which can be reused each time, and now offers the bags as a gift to customers buying a Yamaha Marine product, contributing to greater awareness.


Cleaning for a Greener Future

In 2021, Yamaha aims to deliver more innovative ocean care with Clean the Sea, including delivery of a dedicated Capelli Tempest 750 boat to perform year-long ocean surface and floor cleaning. This exciting new action brings with it another Yamaha ambassador, Portuguese former pro diver and underwater fishing champion Miguel Lacerda. Since 1981 Miguel has been committed to cleaning the oceans of waste and has participated in numerous scientific marine studies and expeditions. A veteran sailor of over twenty ocean crossings and an around the world voyage, Miguel’s passion and commitment is sure to bring much experience and insight to Clean the Sea.

Looking ahead, Yamaha Motor Portugal aims to increase its Clean the Sea brief and transform ocean rubbish into useful items for coastal residents, with help from its growing list of partners including the Aveiro University that is producing nametag plates made from recycled marine plastic for all Yamaha Motor Portugal Dealer employees.