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Moving You

Moving You is a series of short documentary-style videos which unveils the daily life of Yamaha’s employees. They are mechanics, riders, teachers, engineers, etc., they are from different social background, they live all around the world, yet they are all share the same passion and that is to create Kando for you - this unique feeling of great excitement and deep satisfaction at once. We invite you to follow their missions and dreams in our aim to spread Kando worldwide and share our smiles with you.

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  • Episode 01 - Clear Water Project »

    This is an account about how a Yamaha water filtration system was set up in a small village in West Africa. When we visited the water drawing station that the villagers now manage and operate on their own, the sound of joyous laughter greets our ears.

  • Episode 02 - Junior Yacht School »

    Summer vacation's last training session for open-sea sailing. The children attending the yacht school at Hayama set off on a challenging adventure at sea, heading for the island of Oshima. 

  • Episode 03 - World Technician Grand Prix »

    The spirit of "One-to-One Service" is about creating and strengthening bonds with each and every customer. It is the guideline and mindset shared by all Yamaha motorcycle mechanics around the world. 

  • Episode 04 - Yamaha Riding Academy »

    The Yamaha Riding Academy is one of Yamaha's global promotional activities, designed to raise safety awareness and teach people how to use their Yamaha products properly. 

  • Episode 05 - The engine control »

    MotoGP is the pinnacle of world championship motorcycle road racing. It is where the star riders of the world compete all-out for victory and where the engineers pour all of their intellect into perfecting a single machine.

  • Episode 06 - Supporting lives of people in the far north »

    In the harsh natural environment of Russia's northern regions, the peoples continue to follow their traditional nomadic lifestyle of raising reindeer. For these peoples, snowmobiles are necessities of life, and a recently opened Yamaha dealership in a city north of the Arctic Circle is now there to supply them.

  • Episode 07 - Made in Mauritania »

    At a recently completed boatbuilding factory in a port city in northwestern Mauritania, production has started on a long-awaited new type of fishing boat that carries the hopes of people here for the development of a prosperous fishing industry. 

  • Episode 08 - A desert Christmas »

    The beautiful Glamis Dunes in California are a virtual paradise for off-road motorcycle and ATV riders, and on the weekends and holidays they become the playground for crowds of off-road enthusiasts and their families and friends.

  • Episode 09 - Northern Mongolia's durable duo »

    There are 99 national parks spread across Mongolia. Protecting the natural beauty and wildlife of these parks from poachers and illegal campers are some 400 rangers at work nationwide. 

  • Episode 10 - Schools for India's dreamers »

    Yamaha Training Schools (YTS) are open to young people in India who otherwise wouldn’t have the means or opportunity to study or receive vocational training, and they provide training and instruction for them to become certified motorcycle technicians. 

  • Episode 11 - Make the wind your ally »

    As the cold of winter approaches the seaside town of Hayama in Kanagawa Prefecture, six sailors and their instructor are about the only ones at this marina that is typically empty on weekdays. Fueled by a burning ambition, they are the members of YAMAHA Sailing Team ‘Revs’.

  • Episode 12 - Quenching thirst, hand in hand »

    The Senegal River flows from headwaters in the Guinea Highlands and at each of ten villages scattered around the river’s watershed in northern Senegal, work is underway for installing new Yamaha Clean Water Supply Systems.

  • Episode 13 - Challenge, ascend, overcome. »

    Inside Yamaha’s R&D departments there is a climate that encourages spontaneous, independent research. There, efforts are being made to expand engineers’ horizons so that they can facilitate innovation with Yamaha style. 

  • Episode 14 - Hands like his father »

    At the biennial Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix, there was still a youthful look to the motorcycle mechanic representing Taiwan. This story is about a father and son who strove to be the best in the world at their profession, the respect and gratitude held by the young man for his father, and of their passion and pride as motorcycle mechanics.

  • Episode 15 - Sharing dreams »

    Children’s dreams know no bounds. Once they find something they can’t take their minds or eyes off of, somewhere they want to go or what they want to be, that genuine aspiration becomes what drives them as they grow and mature under the watchful and caring eyes of their parents.

  • Episode 16 - There for that first ride »

    We want the first encounter with motorcycles to bring the happiest of smiles, and we want the anticipation, tension, and sense of accomplishment shared by children and their parents/guardians in that experience to be one they will always cherish.

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