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Ludovic Lazareth

Frenchman Ludovic has a factory in Annecy-le-Vieux, near the Swiss border, where he turns out two, three and four-wheel creations – including unique car/bike hybrids such as R1-engined bespoke quads and a supercharged 84bhp Yamaha TMax.

Ludovic combines his background as a design graduate and passion for muscle machines. It’s a mix of brain and brawn that results in mad modifications that could come straight out of movie – Mad VMAX. He’s famous for his silhouette style and for his first iconic VMAX customization: taking a wrecked 1991 model, fitting special parts and an LCD screen with a rear-view video link to create a unique hyper-modified VMAX.

If this incredible hyper modified VMAX has inspired you, just contact the builder through their website link.