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Yamaha snowmobiles 2012 model line-up

“No other snowmobiles offer such a great riding experience”

10 years of 4-stroke expertise on show in Yamaha line-up for 2012.

It’s ten years since Yamaha introduced a whole new standard of quietly powerful, economical and more environmentally friendly performance to snowmobile riders. And the ground-breaking machine that achieved this? The now legendary 4-stroke RX-1.

Every year since then, Yamaha has raised the bar still higher, not just in terms of further improving the engine performance, economy and reliability associated with our unique 4-stroke machines, but by developing other related technologies and combining them to deliver a comfort level and riding experience no other snowmobile can match. The results can be clearly seen in Yamaha’s outstanding line-up of machines for the 2012 model year, each one ready to win new friends with advanced, technology-based features, uncompromising design and sheer style.

And that applies whether their snowmobiling world includes competition, sport riding on and off-trail, long distance touring adventures, deep snow riding, boondocking - or just plain, honest hard work. So for Yamaha riders, it has proved to be 10 years very well spent - and the very foundation of The Yamaha Advantage that stands behind today’s premium snowmobile brand.

Technology that helps man, machine and snow play in harmony.

This is a year that sees dynamic upgrades and improvements to models across our full range of 4-stroke snowmobiles. Many of these are the result of Yamaha’s determination to use our market leading and ever-advancing technology, not just in our smooth and powerful engines, but in every other aspect of design, from ski and suspension engineering to rider ergonomics and electronic control systems. Our aim is to make the relationship between the rider, the machine and the snow, a closer, more intimate one. We compare this to a skier, who can feel his actions, balance and control being transmitted directly to the snow, so our mission has been to create a machine which, in exactly the same way, makes the rider feel much ‘closer’ to the natural element he is taming, and more in command of it, than ever before. This unique philosophy plays an important part in creating The Yamaha Advantage – the superior performance of Yamaha machines in the four key areas of PERFORMANCE AND HANDLING, COMFORT AND CONVENIENCE, RELIABILITY and ECONOMY AND ECOLOGY. And it’s The Yamaha Advantage which makes the riding experience a more comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable one for every type of snowmobile user.

Stand-out news for the 2012 Model Year.

Although there are many changes for 2012, perhaps the most significant are the addition of power steering and other advanced comfort and performance upgrades to the class-leading RSVenture luxury touring models.

NEW Yamaha RSVenture models for 2012 The world’s first touring snowmobiles with EPS

Among the many exciting advances announced for the latest RSVenture models is the revolutionary EPS (Electric Power Steering) system on both the RSVenture GT and the RSVenture TF. This system - another industry ‘first’ - was introduced with great success on our flagship 2011 APEX models and the rider will immediately experience a completely different steering sensation. Put simply, it brings a more consistent, stable and fluid ‘feel’ to the steering, whilst damping any harsh feedback from the trail. None of the important sensitivity is lost, control is more predictable and precise turns can be carved sharply from point to point with minimum effort.
A revolution for long distance touring. Less fatigue and more relaxed, confident riding is a huge advantage of EPS, whether you’re tackling off-trail terrain that’s tight, tough and technical - or touring open trails, where it simply transforms the enjoyment of long-distance riding. Technically speaking, the lightweight EPS actuator is electronically controlled by a computer which monitors engine RPM, running speed and force applied by the rider, in order to deliver, instantly, the perfect amount of power assistance to the steering in any situation. So like we said, the latest Yamaha RSVenture with EPS will go precisely where you point it.

• Power and control at your command
Both these luxurious tourers are already well known for their winning combination of a sturdy, all-aluminium frame with the smoothness, power and economy of Yamaha’s fuel-injected engine. This well proven unit is our 1049cc DOHC, 3-cylinder, 4-stroke, offering matchless performance and durability with impressive acceleration across the RPM range. The engine is already calibrated specifically for the demands of touring, but the latest GT and TF models for 2012 also have new clutch settings and special mapping on the EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) system to deliver an even smoother, more linear power delivery – and therefore an even more comfortable ride. Another key advantage that makes an RSVenture the natural choice for 2-up touring over long distances.

• Some new angles on rider comfort too
However close to perfection their latest snowmobile might seem, Yamaha engineers are never satisfied, so they have still found ways to improve the rider comfort standards of the impressive RSVenture still more.
First, to extract the maximum benefit from the new EPS (Electric Power Steering) system and to ensure outstanding shock absorption capability, the new, lightweight front suspension system has all-new geometry and front dampers which feature an 8.4mm diameter coil spring and an internal damping mechanism. Result? A suspension system that really feels of the highest quality and gives an extremely comfortable, relaxing ride, even over long distances.
Next, after more research into the ergonomics of riding positions, the handlebar has been set 20mm further forward. It may not sound like much, but analysis has shown that this extra space allows an arm position that gives the rider more feedback from his steering input, making balance and control of the machine easier – and contributes to the feeling of confidence and supreme comfort which is such a proud hallmark of these class leading RSVenture models. Also up front on these models is the newly designed handlebar pad, which gives the rider a good clear view of the digital instruments. Yet more examples of The Yamaha Advantage in action.

Upgrades to other models for 2012

• New ski design for the FXNytro R-TX - and that’s not all.
The FXNytro models are all intended for use in the harshest conditions, where severe bumps and ruts make up the rider’s everyday playground and where maintaining handling performance and stability is a tough call, even for our experienced designers and engineers. The skis, of course, are the final point of contact with the snow and ice, which is why the FXNytro R-TX has a new ski for 2012. The new ski design, with a longer rear section and a runner built into the keel of the ski, not only improves tracking and stability on hills and in deep snow, but gives a more effective ‘edge’ that allows for sharper, more accurate turns on icy bumps and ruts - and more confident riding.

• Putting the power down. Quietly and smoothly.
New Camoplast tracks feature on the 2012 FXNytro M-TX 162 and R-TX models, with a revised lug design that achieves better grip in both soft and hard snow. This in turn, transmits more engine power to the surface for consistent acceleration and performance. For both these models, another technical upgrade has been introduced to the drive system in the form of a new-shape sprocket which not only reduces overall machine weight, but brings with it the benefits of less vibration and lower levels of mechanical running noise. Better for the rider. Better for the world around us.

• Small things that make a big difference.
Rider comfort can often be improved by small but thoughtful touches. Many, of course, are already included on Yamaha snowmobiles anyway, but to complete the picture of the improvements to the 2012 FXNytro models, we should mention the new seat covers and their latest specification foam interiors, which improve both durability and comfort. In addition, the handlebars are all fitted with a new, more efficient grip heater, which we are certain every rider will enjoy.

• Rider comfort is our focus across the range.
While we have noted the most significant developments and updates to the RSVenture and FXNytro models, many changes have been introduced on our other snowmobiles to maintain The Yamaha Advantage, especially in terms of added rider comfort. These include new grip heaters, handlebars and seat designs on the Apex SE (Sport), Apex X-TX (Crossover), Phazer R-TX (Sport) and Phazer M-TX (Mountain). A new, even more effective design of wind deflector has also been added to both Phazer models.

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