The three-part instrument panel (multi-dot LCD) emulates the styling of a luxury sports car.
Electrically adjustable windshield with a 120 mm vertical range ensures high-speedwind protection. Enhanced protection provided by this high windshield, together with the foot shields, higher handlebar height with a 30 mm range, and a comfortable seat cushion combine to reduce rider fatigue when traveling long distances.
The rear bumper is fitted with a fire extinguisher holder. Extinguishers of various sizes can be mounted by changing the stays.
* Fire extinguisher is not standard equipment.
On the left inside of the cowling is a lockable glove compartment that works off the main key for added security. A driving monitor can be fitted here as an optional extra.
* Photo shows compartment fitted with a driving monitor.
The well-cushioned seat is specially designed to offer an optimal fit, and comes with a two-step height adjustment (20mm).
Large rear box for carrying wireless equipment offers excellent serviceability.