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Wrenchmonkees and KEDO’s Yard Built SR400 set for Milan unveiling

This year the Yamaha SR400 celebrates its 35th anniversary in the Japanese market and to honor this achievement, and celebrate the SR400’s unique place in customization history, Yamaha have once again cooperated with Danish specials builder Wrenchmonkees to produce a truly outstanding one-off motorcycle that will be unveiled at the EICMA Show on 5th November.

Having set the bar so high with their Yard Built XJR1300 last year, Wrenchmonkees have teamed up with German specialized parts company KEDO to allow them to push the customization boundaries further than ever before with their one-off SR400. However not only will their Yard Built SR400 set new standards for Yamaha specials, it is also certain to provide inspiration for countless owners who want to customize their own bikes.

As this cooperation will follow in Yamaha’s ‘Yard Built’ concept, the customizers are expected to support Yamaha customers by providing after market ‘kits’ which will allow them to replicate what inspired them in their own garage. With the SR400’s already well established customization culture, demand is certain to be high from owners wanting to create their own expression of two-wheeled individuality using this iconic Yamaha as a starting point.

The Wrenchmonkees/KEDO Yard Built SR400 will be unveiled at the EICMA Show on 5th November.

Here are some examples of the amazing Yamaha bikes built by Wrench Monkees.