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Faster Sons Comes to Life at Wheels & Waves 2015!


It may have rained more than last year, but that didn't stop Yamaha coming back even bigger and better for this year’s Wheels & Waves event in Biarritz!
With three times the crowd of last year, there were thousands and thousands of custom bike lovers and surf fans braving the rain and holding out for the sunshine to share this amazing gathering.

Yamaha didn't disappoint, bringing a whole display of new Yard Built machines to share, including the brand new summer loving Deus XV950 ‘D-Side’ sidecar and the race inspired Numbnut Motorcycles XJR1300 ‘Botafogo N’. The new Yard Builts took their place alongside the engineering marvels of itroCkS!bikes XJR1300 ‘Dissident’, SR400 ‘Zen’, Matt Black Custom Design’s XV950 ‘Playa del Rey’ and a host of other cool rides.

Without a doubt the star of the show however was legendary Japanese builder Shinya Kimura, making a very rare pilgrimage to Europe to collaborate with Yamaha in bringing the ‘Faster Sons’ philosophy to life for the Biarritz event. Sharing Yamaha’s build philosophy for future products, inspired by the iconic machines of the past and built with the latest technology, Kimura built the breathtaking ‘Faster Son’ concept. Using the latest Yamaha parallel twin engine for maximum fun, combined with some personal custom touches of his own to pay homage to the vintage world, the result is a perfect blend of old and new, a real ‘Faster Son’. Kimura proved that the bike was built to ride, taking the Faster Son to Punk’s Peak and racing the quarter mile across the mountain.

“Last year’s Wheels & Waves was great for us to show our Yard Built bikes, but this year we’ve really upped our game.” Commented Yamaha Motor Europe Product Manager Shun Miyazawa. “We showed a whole new range of Yard Built machines to inspire bike fans and show what you can do to personalise a Yamaha bike. This year was also very special for us as we were privileged to be joined by an icon in custom motorcycles, Shinya Kimura. We have been collaborating with Shinya to confirm our philosophy on bike building and were excited to see that his interpretation was inline with ours. His ‘Faster Son’ concept was really positively received and showed that building using the latest technology, influenced by the past is the way forward.”