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Ten of the best XV950 custom specials


The Yamaha XV950 bobber is designed to inspire riders to express their creative side by opening the door to a world of customization.

By encapsulating the raw spirit of a backstreet creation yet bringing it up to date with a new neo retro Japanese look, the XV950 and XV950R models provide the perfect template from which to build a truly unique machine. 

With such a strong starting platform, it comes as no surprise that so many custom bike shops have already taken the opportunity to modify the XV950 and transform it into something revamped, restyled and reimagined. 

In the fast moving world of motorcycle modification, it has taken just a few months for ten stunning displays of XV950 customization to emerge from America. Stripped back, full-throttle or long and low, these ten varied examples of modified XV950s show just a small taste of the potential for customization waiting to be released from within every Yamaha XV950 model…

RSD® – Roland Sands Design, Inc.

Inspired by his love of flat track racing and speed, this XV950 special by renown bike customizer Roland Sands features 19-inch spoke wheels with Dunlop Flat Track tyres as well as front and side race number boards and a single seat unit. To ensure the bike’s sound echoes its aggressive stance, a RSD slant carbon fibre tip exhaust system replaces the standard exhaust while high bars give a relaxed riding position.

XV950 Roland Sands Design, Inc. »

Doc’s Chops Hageman Motorcycles

Built with the 1960s and 1970s firmly in mind, this XV950 special from Docs Chops manages to combine old-school cool with a modern flair. Taking the XV950 as a base, Docs Chops refrained from altering the Yamaha’s frame at all, instead simply opting to bolt on and remove components to create this stunning bike. With custom mudguards, chunky spoked wheels, fork gaitors and a bespoke seat unit and subframe, Docs Chops have radically transformed the look of the XV950. The attention to detail and refined touches such as the candy gold paint and hand crafted exhaust system set this special aside from the crowds.

XV950 Doc's Shop Hageman Motorcycles »

Creator: Burly Brand

With its high-gloss tangerine coloured tank contrasting with an over-all matt black finish, there is no missing the Bratstyle Bolt. By lowering the XV950’s suspension and adding high bars and twin upswept custom exhaust pipes, David Zemla from Burly Brand has created his own American interpretation of a Japanese Bratstyle custom. To give the bike a low at the back, high at the front, look the XV950’s tank has been raised to sit on top of the frame while the seat and subframe removed and replaced by a one-off unit that mounts directly to the frame rails.

Creator: Low and Mean

In keeping with their company’s name, there was only one way that Low and Mean were going to take their XV950. Replacing the forks with a bespoke billet Girder front end and changing the standard suspension for air ride shocks, Low and Mean have slammed their XV950 to the ground. Arming this radical special with a wide 180-section front tyre and even wider 200-section rear, the Copper Bolt with its moody black paint reflects the company’s ethos perfectly.

Creator: M&M Customs

M&M Custom’s owner Mike McFadden likes to add that personal touch to his creations. From the hand fabricated petrol tank, mudguard, belly pan and side panels to the unique paint scheme, everything on this race inspired custom has been crafted in house by Mike. The result is a spectacular hand built special.

Creator: Sesto Custom Cycles

Using off-road styling as inspiration, Sesto Custom Cycles have merged the XV950 with a dirt bike to create a rugged all-terrain special. A single high swept exhaust pipe and spoke wheels with chunky off-road tyres set this unique machine aside from other customization projects while the custom bodywork and modern interpretation of an old-school paint scheme keep it looking contemporary. We the going gets rough, the Sesto Custom Cycles XV950 will keep on going.

Creator: Rooke Customs

Drawing on their street and dirt bike racing influences, RookeCustoms used this stunning customization to develop their StreetTracker bolt-on kit for the XV950. Designed to be an easy project for riders new to customization to complete in their own garage, the StreetTracker kit uses motocross bars with risers to alter the XV950’s riding position while a dirt track seat, custom exhaust and air intake and oversized spoke wheels complete the look.

Creator: Broward Motorsports

Broward Motorsports are known for their attention to detail as well as their wild bobber inspired specials, and this XV950 perfectly demonstrates their unique customization skills. With an old-school springer front end, rigid rear and classic peanut petrol tank, this XV950 bobber has also been converted to chain drive and fitted with thick spoke wheels and high bars.

Creator: Chappell Customs

With its hot rod styling and unique swingarm, there is no mistaking this special from Chappell Customs. Taking the XV950 as a starting point, Chappell Customs spent four weeks creating this stand-out motorcycle that features forks and six-piston brake calipers from a 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 and a bespoke swingarm that has been modified to run a monoshock rather than the standard twin shock suspension arrangement. With a custom sub-frame and bodywork, this special is finished with traditional hot rod pin stripes on its paintwork.

Creator: Palhegyi Design

Paying tribute to flat track racers, this unique bike from Palhegyi Design takes the XV950 to a whole new level of customization. As well as altering the swingarm to a monoshock design, Palhegyi Design have added 19-inch spoked flat track wheels and tyres, a custom seat unit, chopped petrol tank, twin stacked exhaust pipes, chromed Yamaha YZF-R6 forks and wide dirt track bars. Effortlessly cool, this flat track inspired special is truly one of a kind.