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About us

  • Our Mission »

    Ever since our founder, Genichi Kawakami, established Yamaha Motor in 1955, it is our mission to give to ALL our customers KANDO. And not just only with our products. 

  • Our History »

    Our history starts when Genichi Kawakami, our founder, decided to enter the motorcycle market. Read how his vision determined Yamaha’s product development and (business) activities and still does.

  • #MyYamahaStory »

    Everyone experiences the rev of their heart with Yamaha in different ways. Discover here the stories of our racing legends and Yamaha people.

  • Yamaha & YOU Magazine »

    “Yamaha & YOU” gives you the best of Yamaha lifestyle combined with the customer-focused “YOU Services” range. You can access “Yamaha & YOU” from anywhere to catch up with the latest features and developments that Rev your heart.

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  • Our Organisation »

    We offer you various products and services. We have listed them here for you. At the same time, you also get an insight into our organisation.

  • Working at Yamaha »

    Yamaha is a dynamic company. All of us at Yamaha constantly strive to deliver our Customers Kando, Japanese for a moment of an ultra-unique experience and emotion which we aim to generate through our products.

  • Press »

    Yamaha is constantly evolving in the countries in Europe we operate, in Europe as a whole and globally. From our product and services, up to events and corporate information, you can find the latest news on our media site.

  • Become a Dealer »

    Enjoy the benefits of the unmistakable Yamaha brand. Yamaha has been developing high-quality products since 1955. 

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