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Certificate of Conformity and Dating Letter Applications

We are pleased to provide Dating Letters and Certificates of Conformity where possible and trust that any questions you may have will be addressed in the information below. However, should you require further guidance on the specifics of the registration process, we would ask you to contact the DVLA.


Following the relaxing of government restrictions, we are pleased to be able to once again accept applications for documentation. However, we expect initial demand to be high and therefore applications may take longer than normal to process. We aim to process all applications as quickly as possible, so we ask that you ensure that the relevant form is completed accurately and all required information is provided, but kindly ask for your patience and understanding in the event of any delays

Application can take up to 4 weeks to process, depending on demand, so we would kindly request that you do not send your application multiple times and please avoid contacting us within 4 weeks of your original application date, since this can result in further delays to the general processing of requests. However, should there be any issues with your application, we will be in contact to discuss it as soon as possible.

Please only contact us about your application if:

  • You are yet to receive an email response to your application after 4 weeks.
  • • You experience an issue with our online application form – in this case, please email the required information as requested on the online form to:

Dating Letter

A Dating Letter is produced primarily to assist the DVLA in allocating an age related number plate and can also be used when applying for tax exemption for historic vehicles. Dating Letters offer no guarantee that a vehicle can be registered.

Photographic evidence of the VIN/Chassis Number* will be required.

In the event that we are unable to provide you a Dating Letter for whatever reason, we will inform you as soon as possible with an explanation. You may be advised to contact a recognised owner’s club or to contact the DVLA directly as it may be necessary to obtain a Q-plate registration. Any queries regarding this, will need to be addressed to the DVLA.

The charge for a Dating Letter is £50.00 (inc. VAT).

The fee is payable in GBP (Pound Sterling) and you will be contacted by SumUp through the email provided on your application to make payment by debit or credit card when the letter is ready to be dispatched.

*A copy V55 will be accepted where the vehicle has been previously registered with the DVLA.

Certificate of Conformity (CoC) & ULEZ

A CoC is only available for vehicles that have been manufactured for use on public roads in Europe*, from approximately 2000 onwards**, as only machines with an applicable CoC are constructed to comply with European ‘Whole Vehicle Type Approval’ (WVTA).

A CoC is normally required to register a machine being imported from Europe into the UK or when exporting a UK machine to a European country. A CoC is also required when applying for exemption from the Transport for London ULEZ charge.

Photographic evidence of the VIN/Chassis Number and Engine Number will be required for all CoC applications.


  • Applications cannot be processed without photographs of the identification numbers from the machine and other forms of evidence will not be accepted.
  • We are unable to produce a CoC in instances where the engine originally installed in the frame at production has since been replaced. The DVLA will be able to advise of the registration procedure in the absence of a CoC.

The charge for a Certificate of Conformity is £75.00 (inc. VAT) or free-of-charge if you are the first owner of a UK machine.

The fee is payable in GBP (Pound Sterling) and you will be contacted by SumUp through the email provided on your application to make payment by debit or credit card when the letter is ready to be dispatched.

When registering machines in the UK that are over 10 years old, a CoC is currently not necessary. However, a valid MOT Certificate, is required..

*CoCs are not available for machines imported from countries outside of the EC i.e. US.

**Following the introduction of European WVTA in 2000, only a limited number of models were provided with a CoC, until 2003. You will be contact as soon as possible in the event that a CoC is not available for your machine.

Certificate of Newness

It is possible that you may be asked to supply a Certificate of Newness if you are attempting to register an Off-road machine.

PLEASE NOTE: These are only able to be produced on request from an authorised Yamaha dealer for new, unsold UK machines.

If your machine is not new, you would require a Dating Letter.

NOVA Submission (proof that all relevant import duties have been paid)

This is applicable to vehicles intended for off-road use (ie: MX, Trials and Enduro, Utility ATVs, Sports and Competition Quads, Leisure Quads).

Provided your vehicle is an official UK machine, all import duties (including VAT) will automatically have been paid by the UK branch of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. In a Dating Letter for an official UK machine, we will include a paragraph stating that all relevant import duties, have been paid.

Where a vehicle was imported into the country by a party other than the UK branch of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. we must ask you to contact HMRC for  guidance.