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Why Choose Yamaha?

Economy – more miles less cost

Good fuel economy is of increasing importance in the marine world.  With fuel costs rising many boat owners, commercial or recreational, are considering how they can re-power and reduce running costs. Reducing fuel consumption without sacrificing performance is what Yamaha engineers have been focusing on for the entire outboard range. Yamaha outboard engines are extremely economical giving your boat maximum range and ensuring that you are getting the most out of your tank.  For commercial users this is particularly important as even a small improvement in fuel economy can make a significant difference over time.  Choosing an economical engine is a decision that will keep rewarding you at every fill up, so make sure you choose Yamaha outboard power.


Residuals – value that lasts

Because Yamaha engines are recognised as the number one outboard in the world everybody knows the quality of a product with the Yamaha name on it.  Yamaha’s enviable reputation and reliability will pay dividends when the time comes to re-power or sell your boat as this has a very positive effect on the residual value.  Your boat will be more attractive when it has a Yamaha outboard fitted and should achieve a higher resale price especially if your engine has high hour usage. The difference between selling your boat or not might be the engine manufacturer. Make sure you achieve the best return on your investment when selling your pride and joy by choosing a Yamaha outboard. Buying Yamaha simply gives you a head start in the used market as everyone in the world knows the quality of a  Yamaha.


Development is the key to success

Being the number one outboard engine manufacturer in the world requires a commitment to innovation and the latest technologies. In the marine world innovation must also be matched with practicality; a demanding environment means that any weakness in systems or technology will soon be exposed.  Yamaha has always worked hard at getting the right blend of innovation and practicality. Stringent testing and extensive research ensure that all Yamaha innovations are ready for the marine environment. Engineering innovation is at the heart of all Yamaha products and our research means that another bright idea is never far away.  Intelligent innovation improves the core engine functions so that you get the most reliable, most practical technology which allows you to make the most of your time on the water.


The world’s Number 1 outboard

Being number one in a specific country or region is one thing, but being the number one in the world is something very special. Yamaha has been the world’s top manufacturer of outboard engines for a very long time. To attain this position is an achievement in itself. But to maintain this position for such a long period requires a level of commitment and technological innovation which is unique.  It is not just the quality of the technology which encourages people to choose Yamaha; it is also the passion and understanding that Yamaha has for the marine environment.  Yamaha marine engineers work with all forms of marine products from engines to boats to PWC. Enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge keep Yamaha at the cutting edge of new marine technology and makes Yamaha the number one global brand.


Durability – essential for work

From our ACP-221 paint process to the sacrificial anodes, Yamaha engines are built to last.  ACP-221 demonstrates Yamaha’s dedication to durability. This unique 5-layer painting process is something which many have re-created but none have been able to match. Combined with the YDC-30 alloy ACP-221 completes Yamaha Ultimate Corrosion protection.  A sequence of primers, undercoats and acrylic resins are baked for adhesion and hardness then sealed in by a final coat of clear urethane lacquer. But don’t take our word for it; consider the multitude of marine professional users who all use Yamaha engines because they know that Yamaha’s durability can withstand the most demanding use.   Yamaha engines
are built to last...and last...and last.


When someone depends on you

Trust is an essential component of any marine operation. When operating at sea, regularly at any number of locations around the globe; then it is crucial to depend on your outboard. The RYA British Sailing Team use Yamaha Outboards for approaching 20,000 hours per year. Whether racing in Rio or training in Weymouth they rely on Yamaha’s dependability and global support to keep their teams at the forefront of all competitions. For the British Sailing Team the RYA trust the F70 to power a fleet of support RIBs, and the V6 F225 for larger patrol boats. Choosing Yamaha is choosing professional quality that performs all year round in many conditions - just ask the professionals.


Over half a century of experience

Yamaha’s first outboard motor – the P-7 - was released to the Japanese  market in 1960, marking the start of over 50 years spent delivering the very best outboards that the boaters across the globe demand.  Yamaha engineers share a boating passion with the many millions of Yamaha users worldwide, listening to what they have to say, and understanding how  products are used in the real world. Whether it is a fisherman in Indonesia or a family on the Norfolk Broads, a Yamaha outboard motor will be the reliable partner that their boat needs.  Over 9,000,000 outboard motors built over 50 years, by one company - that is a testament to the pedigree and talent that Yamaha Motor Corporation has and its commitment to the
marine industry.  First class outboard engines are in Yamaha’s DNA.  


Quality – the best components

Yamaha hav always strived to ensure the best quality components and raw materials are used in its outboard engines.  The unique YDC-30 alloy is a perfect example of how the very best materials are used in Yamaha outboard engines.  A combination of aluminium, silicon, magnesium and titanium provide industry-leading corrosion protection for significant components within the engine.  Advanced manufacturing techniques and precision engineering can be found in every detail of every engine.  Whether you are five miles out to sea or five miles down the river having a quality outboard engine will mean that you spend more time doing what you want to do and less time repairing and maintaining your engine.  Yamaha delivers the quality that you can rely on.



Outboard power that suits you

Outboard engines cover such a wide range of applications and boats that choice is a prerequisite for outboard manufacturers. Yamaha gives you  more choice than any other manufacturer so you can get your outboard power exactly how you want it.  By offering a wide range of models and options,  Yamaha can ensure that there is a suitable outboard for every user and every application.  Tiller and remote control variants, as well as a High Thrust range for pushing displacement hulls, are all available and all designed to get the most out of the boat they are rigged to. Specifying the correct engine to match the characteristics of your hull will reward you with optimal performance and economy.  More choice means better suitability, which is better for the boat, better for the engine and better for you


Fast, efficient parts service

Yamaha is a global brand, so that means global back-up which is great, but what you also need is efficient local support and that’s exactly what Yamaha is so good at - using global resource for practical local advantage.   Genuine outboard parts are centrally stocked in a giant European warehouse and can be delivered to the UK very quickly.  In the harsh marine environment service and maintenance is critical so having an efficient and effective parts back-up means that any time off the water while these tasks are performed is kept to a minimum.  Important for leisure boaters and absolutely essential for every rescue and professional application; Yamaha’s first class back-up is something which is ready and waiting.