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The birth of a really 'big' little engine!

Yamaha's advanced technology is now even more compact. Meet the latest-generation F20.

It's not often an outboard is launched which leads its class by such a significant margin, but the new-generation Yamaha F20 is such an engine.

Bringing genuine portability to such a lively, high performance outboard has called on the advanced engineering and development skills for which Yamaha is renowned, but the remarkable result is not just portability, but a host of new and convenient features and options - and a power-to-weight ratio unmatched by any competitive engine.

In recent years, the larger F25 has proved to be one of Yamaha's most successful engines, winning the hearts of loyal users around the world with its tough, go-anywhere reliability, economy and sheer ease of handling. Now, the latest F20 shares many of the F25's key technologies and brings that same wide ranging capability and appeal to a whole new audience.

Not only is the performance smooth and impressive, but there are many thoughtful features to make life on and off the water more enjoyable and relaxing. For example, portability and storage are abreeze, thanks not only to the light weight, but also to the comfortable new carry-handle design and the conveniently placed resting pads. Maintenance is simple too. An easy-access hose connector on the lower cowling allows you to flush salt and dirt from the waterways without starting the engine - a quick, simple way to reduce corrosion and extend the 'life' and resale value of your engine.

Easy starting, even under the harshest conditions, is assured by the battery-less electronic fuel injection (EFI) system and a choice of electric, manual or electric/manual starting options are now available. You're sure of an even smoother ride too - a direct result of the new wide-span motor mounting system. And Power Tilt on a 20hp engine? Of course! It's just another exciting option available on this dynamic new F20.

The convenience of the Electric Start option also brings full compatibility with Yamaha's advanced Digital Network System, which includes the availability of clear, stylish gauges that offer the driver a comprehensive selection of running data and engine performance information, as well as a more precise and relaxing level of control.

A multi-function tiller handle is another attractive option - it brings a forward-mounted shift control within easy reach of the driver and has a large, strong tiller and throttle twist-grip for comfortable steering, handling and manoeuvring. The integral VTS (Variable Trolling Speed) system not only provides a lower than normal idle speed, but also means you can control your trolling speed in simple 50 rpm steps - ideal for fishing. This handy new advantage is standard on tiller handle models and an option on remote control models of the F20.

With its stylish graphics and cleverly designed water-draining air intake duct, our latest one-piece top cowling completes the picture of this exciting new F20. It has a really solid look and feel - just the sort of thing that Yamaha owners really notice and appreciate.

Summary of Specifications - Yamaha F20G
Model name F20G
Engine type 4-stroke • 2-cyl • 4 valves• SOHC
Displacement 432cc
Prop shaft output 14.7 kW at 5,500 rpm
Full throttle operating range 5000 - 6000 rpm
Gear ratio 2.08 (27/13)
Fuel induction system Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)
Ignition system CDI
Lubrication system Wetsump
Oil pan capacity (litres) 1.1
Alternator 12V- 16A with rectifier/regulator
Starting system: Manual (MH), Manual/Electric(WH), Electric (E, EP)
Control (options): Tiller handle (MH,WH), Remote control (E, EP)
Trim and Tilt : Power Tilt (EP) (option), Manual Tilt (MH,E,WH)
Shallow Water Drive Standard - 2 positions
Recommended boat transom height S: 429mm • L: 556mm
Dryweight with propeller(kg) 56 (E)
Models available MH • WH • E • EP