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All-new Wolverine® RMAX™ 1000 family

All-new Wolverine® RMAX™ 1000 family #DRIVENBYFREEDOM

The launch of the Wolverine® RMAX™ 1000 line-up heralds a remarkable new generation of adrenaline-charged, 2 and 4-seater SxS models, both also available as SE (Special Edition) versions, created especially for people who are ready to tackle new adventures. Our passion for constant innovation and improvement really shows through nowhere better than in these ground-breaking all-new models.

This is not just a cool new experience either, but a genuine revelation! These are amazing powerhouses with our awesome new 999cc engine (for the tech minded, in parallel twin-cylinder, DOHC, 8-valve format) that will take thrill seekers and their friends to explore terrain they never thought possible - all in unique, automotive-style comfort and with confidence-giving control.

In fact, the Wolverine® RMAX™ 1000 family follows our development philosophy of "Jin-Ki Kanno" - which translates from Japanese as the true “exhilaration of being one with the machine" - bringing you a super-capable off-roader, in which driver and passengers feel fully confident to master and enjoy the very toughest terrain.

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