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Yamaha Motor Turns Up The Torque With Fresh New Flagship Engines

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The revolution evolves

The launch of the XTO 425hp V8 in 2018 changed the entire market. The torque and additional power extended utility beyond high-performance RIBs and day boats into new markets, creating outboard-powered weekend cruisers and semi-displacement vessels. Improving on the game-changing XTO 425hp was a tough ask, but the new XTO 450hp &400hp V8 engines manage to offer sleek new graphics, enhanced user features and a superior power-to-weight ratio, making them an option for even more boats.

Yamaha Motor XTO 450 outboard engine 2023

The new 200hp & 150hp engines have mass appeal to anyone wanting to have fun on the water with family and friends, offering multiple options enhanced with some really exciting top-end tech, previously found exclusively in Premium segment engines. With a host of technical enhancements, these engines are well suited to single or twin installations. They are all about creating an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience for everyone to enjoy.

Yamaha Motor XTO 450 outboard engine 2023