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Spot Light Kit

  • aba-2hr35-10-00
Enhances sight in low-light conditions with LED technology.
  • Easy installation
  • 1900 lumens
  • 4500K colour temp
  • Powerful LED spot light with 18 LEDs
  • 9 watts
  • On/off switch on the light
  • Weather-resistant rubber body shield
  • 30 degrees beam
  • Rubber ball absorbs shock and vibration
  • Ram mount with U bolt for rail mount included
  • Length of power cord is 125 cm-175 cm
  • Easy installation using strong ThreeBond® adhesive for a permanent mount
  • Powerful spot light
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • 12 volt output socket included
  • Easily detachable from ram mount
  • Frosted lens