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Drive2: The golf car fleet designed with you in mind


Yamaha Motor partners with golf course owners and managers to provide an exceptional on-course experience. Known for combining engineering excellence with guaranteed reliability, Yamaha has developed a range of golf cars that deliver exceptional levels of comfort, performance and advanced technology to enrich the customer’s experience. 


Players want a comfortable, seamless transportation and storage experience so they can keep their full focus on their game. The Drive2 golf car offers a wide array of industry leading features that enhance comfort, making each moment on the course memorable for all the right reasons.

  • Soft, spacious, deeply cushioned with virgin foam and uniquely contoured to provide comfort and support, the seats on the Yamaha Drive2 range are the largest in the industry, with a sealed plastic underside to muffle noise and provide unrivalled durability.
  • The span of the ClimaGuard™ canopy top is the biggest in the industry, with Dual Rain Drains to keep players and their equipment dry. The Drive2 has serious headroom too, adding comfort for entering, occupying, and exiting the vehicle.
  • The automotive-style dash area has a home for literally anything you might need during your round, from rangefinders to phones.
  • The Drive2 bagwells are the  largest in the industry, making loading bags simple and easy. There’s a handy middle divider to keep a single player’s bag upright. The sweater basket is the most spacious on the market, with an open, non-plastic bottom designed to stop dirt accumulating.


The Drive2 golf cars have been engineered to focus on performance, to enrich the player’s enjoyment and optimise an owner or manager’s ability to run their course. Each car is packed full of advanced features and customer-centric innovations.

  • The Yamaha Drive2 has its front suspension modelled on that of a car. The strut and spring construction not only provides a smoother ride, but also reduces wear on other components that are expensive to replace.
  • This golf car features one of the most accessible and cost-efficient knuckle arms in the industry, protecting critical components at the front end of the car, allowing fleet owners to reduce repair cost, reduce downtime and increase fleet utilisation.
  • The steering system was designed for maximising responsiveness while minimising turf damage. It provides a smooth, responsive driving experience allowing the golf car to manoeuvre round tight bends in a stable, comfortable way.
  • The thermoplastic olefin material used in the construction of the Drive2 fleet is similar to the material used in most cars, so it is incredibly hard wearing and resistant to impact damage. The panels pop in and then revert to their original shape, reducing the need for maintenance or replacement of parts.
  • The paint formulation is that of the paint used in marine industry, so it is sure to provide ultimate durability and weather resistance.
  • If your players damage a panel, the Drive2 features small dependent parts, meaning replacement of any element of the body is both simple and more cost effective than golf cars featuring large, expensive panels
  • The bumper system on the Drive2 fleet projects beyond the tyres and front cowl to offer maximum protection all-round the golf car. Yamaha is the first to have 5MPH/8.05KPH rated front bumpers. This prevents the need for frequent, expensive repairs and subsequent down time.
  • The brake system requires less maintenance, emits less noise, and produces less fluid changing issues. It is more efficient, resulting in increased battery life and petrol mileage. The major differentiator is the single ratchet design on the hill brake.
  • The Drive2 electric fleet comes with best-in-class Trojan batteries as standard, eliminating battery issues. The hybrid battery tray design, with steel and polypropylene tray, is best in class, and all Yamaha golf cars have marine grade connectors on all electrical connections for ultimate performance and durability.
  • Adjust the speed and braking of the car to your preference. When YamaTrack® is fitted, the speed of 100 cars can change in one minute with no physical connection.
  • The chassis in the Drive2 fleet  is strong and durable; the Hybri-Core design resists battery acid corrosion and rust staining while in storage. The chassis uses an automotive steel frame with high tech coatings to reduce corrosion, taken from the off-road industry.


YamaTrack® is an example of Yamaha’s continual pursuit of new technological developments. A defining feature of the brand and a key aspect of their mission is putting together innovation and engineering to bring technology to the fingertips of players and course managers alike.

  • YamaTrack® is the most advanced and most intuitive golf GPS system on the market. Increase rounds played per day, creating more happy players and increased revenues. Monitor the pace of play via the system, assisting with scheduling rounds and optimising marshal activity for increased productivity.
  • Deliver a better player experience with increased opportunities for revenue with easy management of the entire facility including the pro shop, cart barn, and maintenance equipment from any internet-connected device.
  • Experience greater control of your fleet with enhanced visibility. Pinpoint a golf car’s current or historical location with the Car Tracking feature.
  • Benefit from long term cost savings. Get more from your fleet; the Shutdown feature prevents losses by day, and the Lockdown feature offers better overnight security.
  • Boosting revenues becomes far easier with customisable on-screen advertising, sold to other brands or used to drive sales in the shop or club house. Your player experience is enhanced with ease of access to relevant  offers.
  • Improve the quality of your course with geo-zones that allow you to protect environmentally sensitive areas. Use this same functionality to enhance the player experience and boost revenues by notifying players to pre-order their post-game refreshments before making the turn.
  • Make course management easier, quicker, and more effective. Detailed reports, designed with the course manager in mind, allow for better management and maintenance of the golf course fleet.
  • Increase safety, reduce running costs, and allow for a greater number of players on course. Automatic monitoring of amp hours and car battery conditions allow course managers to improve fleet rotation and maximise battery life. An updated diagnostic feature ensures peace of mind by sending maintenance alerts from the car to the pro shop.
  • Finally, YamaTrack® allows your course to evolve with the modern golfer. With a new 10" screen mounted in the dash or the choice to use the app mobile devices, players will enjoy 3-D terrain graphics with customisable pro tips to improve their technique and enhance their enjoyment of the game.