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Key Features

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    PrimeStart™ - as easy as starting your car

    Yes, starting your outboard engine is now as easy as starting a car – even from cold. Exclusive to Yamaha, the legendary PrimeStart™ system ensures that the engine fires first time, every time you engage either the Electric or Manual Start.

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    Great performance with quiet, low-vibration running

    An acceleration pump combines with a long intake to increase efficiency at low to medium speeds, delivering the power you need, when you need it most. The FT25 also has a counter balancer and long span mounting, which combine to limit vibrations felt in the boat and a special labyrinth exhaust to help decrease noise levels.

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    High-output alternator

    Never get left short of electrical power. A High-output alternator is a standard feature on our FT series of outboard engines, ensuring that power is always available to start the engine – even after prolonged periods of idling or when you've been running at low revs and using multiple accessories.

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    Dual-thrust props for maximum power in Forward & Reverse

    The special propellers fitted to the FT Models are not only of a larger than normal diameter, but have low pitch blades, designed to maximise thrust in both Forward and - by re-directing the exhaust flow - in Reverse too. This gives greater manoeuvrability, which is especially helpful when handling a heavier boat.

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    Large multi-function tiller handle option

    This great option brings all the engine controls neatly within reach of the driver and provides an even larger tiller for comfortable steering, handling and manoeuvring. Whether pottering around the marina or flying along at the higher speeds this remarkable engine can deliver, it makes the FT25 even more enjoyable to own and use.

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    Extra convenience and driving comfort

    You'll find the FT25 very easy to control and comfortable to drive, thanks to its many features - from the front-mounted shift lever and single-lever steering friction adjuster to the decompression device for smooth, easy starting. The optional multi-function tiller handle is yet another reason to choose this tough, reliable engine.

Technical Specifications

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