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XTO 400hp V8

Key Features

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    5.6 litres of naturally aspirated V8 power

    Discover Yamaha's very latest technology. With features such as five-pump Direct Fuel Injection, Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT), Double Overhead Camshafts (DOHC), dual chamber oil pump, two-stage water pump, quadruple thermostats, and our unique in-bank exhaust system.

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    Integrated Digital Electric Steering

    Owners love this highly efficient built-in steering system that delivers a smoother and more intuitive experience when at the helm. It is lighter and less complex than a separate hydraulic system plus is cleaner to fit and operate, and far quicker and simpler to rig.

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    Simple maintenance, super charging

    Leave your boat at the dock as you execute an easy in-water gear oil change, simplifying the whole process. A multi-part cowling with quick-access locks allows secure, easy access for maintenance and adjustments. Finally, the High Output system provides stable charging even at low rpm

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    TotalTilt™ function with integrated tilt limit

    Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt™ function allows complete tilt up or down, from any position, with a simple double-push of the respective tilt button. A buzzer sound alerts crew to keep clear of the outboard, and the integrated tilt limiter helps to prevent inadvertent damage.

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    Ultimate efficiency from Direct Injection

    Yamaha is on a mission to deliver ever-greater efficiency and economy, and the fuel system on the XTO 400hp V8 is the ideal example of how we execute on this objective, from the first-ever Direct Injection 4-stroke engine to the thrust-enhancing reverse exhaust system.

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    Built to last.

    Every aspect of the XTO 400hp V8 offers best-in-class build quality. Massive crankshaft, torque-absorbing heavy-duty gears, an extra-large diameter prop shaft and the gearcase design, with its low friction co-efficient and more effective cooling, all contribute to reliable performance.

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    Thrust-enhancing reverse exhaust system.

    This system expels the exhaust using a combination of three different routes, depending on the rpm level. The result is approximately 300% more reverse thrust, better balance between forward and reverse thrust when maneuvering with Helm Master EX®, and greater efficiency at full power.

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    Turn up the torque and increase control

    Discover Xtreme Thrust Output. This V8 unit provides power, performance and precision control. When paired with our unique Helm Master EX® system, you experience a seamlessly integrated power and control solution for larger offshore boats.

Technical Specifications

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  • Engine
    Engine type
    4-stroke, DOHC, V8
    5,559 cc
    No. of cylinders/configuration
    Bore x stroke
    96.0 x 96.0
    Prop shaft output at mid range
    400hp @ 6,000 rpm
    Full throttle operating range
    5,000 - 6,000 rpm
    Lubrication system
    Wet sump
    Fuel Induction System
    Direct Injection
    Ignition / advance system
    Electronic ignition (TCI)
    Starter system
    Electronic ignition (TCI)
    Gear ratio
    25/14 1.79
  • Dimensions
    Oil pan capacity
    7.8 l
    Weight without propeller
    437 kg - 458 kg