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Key Features

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    Electrically adjustable screen for total wind protection

    By choosing the full-option TMAX DX you can be sure that you have access to the very latest comfort enhancing features, such as its electronically adjustable windscreen. Using a switch on the left handlebar, you can quickly and easily adjust the height to a maximum of 135mm, enabling you to select the best screen position in seconds.

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    Easy to operate cruise control system

    With cruise control fitted as standard equipment, the TMAX DX rider can enjoy a more relaxing and enjoyable ride on longer cross-country trips. Designed to operate above 50 km/h, this easy to operate system has the added advantage of helping you keep to speed limits.

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    Motorcycle-type suspension

    The adjustable link-type rear suspension gives excellent damping properties for a sporty and stable ride, and allows you to change suspension settings to suit solo or two-up riding, and sports or comfort riding – while the upside-down gold-coloured front forks are the most sophisticated design ever featured on a maxi scooter.

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    Traction Control System (TCS)

    To ensure that you get optimum performance and maximum pleasure from every journey in different conditions, the TMAX DX is equipped with a Traction Control System. This advanced electronic system contributes towards your riding confidence by helping to ensure smooth starts and confident roadholding on wet, slippery and loose surfaces.

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    Sophisticated TFT instruments

    The multifunction instrumentation features a high quality monochrome TFT display that includes a speedometer on the left and tachometer on the right – while the central display includes an odometer, two tripmeters, current and average fuel consumption and outside temperature, as well as indicators for various functions – including the TCS.

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    Smart Key keyless ignition system

    Whether you need to start the engine, unlock the seat, and lock or release the centre stand, the keyless ignition makes everything so much easier. As long as you're carrying the Smart Key close to you, you'll be able to operate the TMAX DX, saving you time and making your day a little bit easier!

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    Heated grips and seat

    The TMAX DX is the most luxurious scooter in the TMAX line, and its sophisticated specification is designed to appeal to those who can appreciate the enjoyment associated with the experience of a quality ride. Standard features include heated grips and a heated main seat that make every journey more comfortable – whatever the weather.

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    Lightweight aluminium chassis for agile handling

    The TMAX DX is equipped with the most sophisticated chassis in the maxi scooter class. Utilising an advanced motorcycle-type layout, the lightweight aluminium frame and long swingarm ensure agile handling and dynamic performance, making the DX one of the most exciting, versatile and capable luxury sport scooters on the street.

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    Take control with the 2-level D-MODE

    To benefit fully from the 530cc engine's class-leading acceleration and torque-rich performance, you need be able to select the desired level of control. The 2-level D-MODE enables you to easily select 'T' mode for smooth power delivery around town – and you can switch to 'S' mode for more powerful and sporty performance on the open road.

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    My TMAX Connect

    Yamaha's industry leading My TMAX Connect gives you complete connectivity, enabling you to enter a whole new virtual world where you can remotely manage your TMAX DX and help to keep it secure. Features include a bike finder, usage data, geofence and theft management functions, giving peace of mind and allowing you to stay in control.

Technical Specifications