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Key Features

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    nstant power, with easy control.

    or strong acceleration with easy control, the XMAX 125 IRON MAX is driven by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke 125cc engine, that's equipped with electronic fuel injection, delivering reduced emissions and high levels of fuel efficiency. it fully automatic transmission gives a smooth and seamless ride, for enjoyable and relaxing 'twist and go' riding.

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    ront and rear disc brakes, with ABS.

    he XMAX 125 IRON MAX's lightweight aluminium 15-inch front wheel and 14-inch rear wheel feature wide-section tyres that give outstanding handling and road holding at low and high speeds - and a single 267mm front disc brake and 245mm rear disc brake, with ABS, provide smooth, progressive and confidence-inspiring stopping performance, in both wet and dry conditions.

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    xcellent rider and passenger comfort.

    ost people would agree that the XMAX 125 IRON MAX is a pretty cool looking scooter - but that doesn't mean that we've compromised on comfort. Equipped with a special dual seat, this premium 125 maxi looks good and feels good. And with plenty of legroom, you can choose your own riding style to suit any situation.

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    remium quality design and finish.

    hat makes every MAX, every scooter so very special, is hte fact that they combine advanced Yamaha technology with a sporty design and compact dimensions. nd it's this special MAX DNA - together with the premium quality and special features - that makes the XMAX 125 IRON MAX the most exclusive model and hte 125cc Sport Scooter class.

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    Bold and dynamic looks.

    The bold and dynamic-looking face of the XMAX 125 IRON MAX is inspired by our high-performance MAX scooters. Its angular dual headlights feature full LED lighting that gives a powerful beam and reduces energy consumption – and with both front and rear position lights and smoked LED tail lights, this Limited Edition 125cc sport scooter is ready to see and be seen.

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    Motorcycle-type front forks.

    When you're commuting along the highway, you can't see what your suspension is doing; but you'll certainly feel the difference that the motorcycle-type forks make, on this premium sport scooter. With 110mm of travel, they soak up the bumps for a smoother ride - and they're also designed to give you maximum comfort and control during braking and cornering.

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    Traction Control System.

    On a typical ride to work, you may encounter everything from wet roads to shiny manhole covers and polished cobblestones - and even mud and dirt, near to construction sites. Thanks to the XMAX 125 IRON MAX's Traction Control System, you can now ride with confidence, because it gives you added control, by maintaining rear wheel grip on slippery surfaces.

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    The sporty and stylish way to move about!

    The XMAX 125 IRON MAX has been developed using pure and undiluted MAX DNA to give you the ideal mix of style, functionality and performance. Just twist the throttle, and you'll experience strong acceleration, together with agile handling - making this sporty, stylish and practical sport scooter a fast and effective commuter. Welcome to the exclusive MAX family!

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    Smart Key keyless operation.

    When you're commuting, you want every journey to be as easy and stress-free as possible. Which is why we've equipped the XMAX 125 IRON MAX with a Smart Key keyless ignition system. As long as you have the key with you, you can unlock and start your scooter and access the underseat storage, without having to physically put the key into the ignition.

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    Limited Edition 125cc maxi sport scooter.

    Available in an exclusive Sword Grey finish and equipped with a range of exclusive features, including aluminium footrests, a special seat and leather interior pads - as well as machined end grips, a smoked tail light and chrome speedo ring - the XMAX 125 IRON MAX is Yamaha's ultimate 125cc sport scooter.

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    Exclusive interior

    The XMAX 125 IRON MAX features an exclusive interior that underlines its premium status. A glossy-black treatment to key interior panels gives a high quality satin finish - and, together with the luxurious leather interior pads and aluminium footrests, enhances the look and feel of this high-end sport scooter.

Technical Specifications