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ATV Rider: Training and safety awareness

EASi® ATV Rider Training

All customers purchasing new ATVs from an official UK dealership can take advantage of a European ATV Safety Institute Rider Training Course.

New Owners

Included in the retail price of all new Yamaha All Terrain Vehicles purchased after 3rd April 2006 is a one place to attend a European All Terrain Vehicle Safety Institute (EASI) Rider Training Course.
The 4.5 hour 15 lesson course, is designed for all levels of rider ability from entry to experienced, and offers fundamental advice on machine pre ride checks, use of protective clothing & equipment and riding techniques.
Further places can be booked at the point of sale for up to four riders at the heavily subsidised rate of £90.00 per person.

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Existing Yamaha Owners

Existing Yamaha ATV customers can take advantage of the rider training course at a cost of £90.00 per person.

Used Machines

For those who are looking to purchase a used machine you can also take advantage of the rider training course the cost of £180.00 per person, these can be booked at any of the Yamaha National Quad Centres or by contacting EASI on 01903 816286 or online

The training course consists of 16 sections, as follows:

  1. Introduction to the ATV Rider Course, protective clothing and equipment
    and pre-ride inspections of ATVs (known as T-CLOC)
  2. Range signals, rules and warm up exercises
  3. Controls and starting the engine
  4. Starting out, shifting gears and braking
  5. Turning
  6. Riding strategies / Risk awareness
  7. Riding circles and figure of eight
  8. Quicker turns
  9. Sharp turns
  10. Quick stops and swerves
  11. Quick stop in a turn
  12. Riding over obstacles
  13. Safe and responsible riding practices
  14. U-turn / Traversing hills
  15. Circuit or Trail ride
  16. Wrap up and review
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ATVEA e-training: for a responsible riding experience.

The ATV industry’s European cooperation body, ATVEA, has developed a simple self-assessment and test program for improved understanding of correct riding behavior while operating ATVs.

Be a responsible rider and know how to handle your machine!

Always ride within your abilities and your ATV’s capabilities

Complete this free, self-paced and interactive e-training, to learn the fundamentals of ATV riding and develop safe riding practices.

This course is not intended as a substitute for hands-on rider training or experience. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the ATV before you go for a ride and make sure to read and follow the instructions and warnings contained in your ATV owner’s manual. 

The course will take you approximately 30 minutes to complete and you will be required to undertake an assessment at the end. 

Start with the basics