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The 60's

After beginning its own oil research in the late-1950s to extract maximum performance from its engines, Yamaha developed its own oil in 1960 specifically for its newly released P-7 outboard motor with additives to prevent rusting.

As Yamaha entered the Road Racing World Championship, it was quick to introduce a separate automatic oil injection system named ‘Autolube’ on its 250cc GP racebike. It was subsequently implemented on production models in Japan shortly thereafter.

Yamalube History - The 60's

For the Autolube system to function more efficiently, Yamaha began
developing its own oil specifically for it, running tests with commercially available 2-stroke engine oils and experimental oils from petroleum refineries to evaluate their performance. This led to the commercialisation of ‘Yamaha Autolube Oil.’

Yamaha worked from its motorcycle oils to develop its first oil for optimum performance in snowmobiles, and also began to develop its first 4-stroke engine oil for the XS-1 based on experience with building the Toyota 2000GT supercar.

Leo Lake, the National Service Manager for Yamaha International Corporation in the United States established the Yamalube® brand of  Genuine Yamaha 2-stroke oil in 1967.

Yamalube History - The 60's


Yamaha alters its development approach for oil development and begins conducting R&D with a chemistry standpoint. Yoshinobu Yashiro joins Yamaha Motor and his independent analysis leads to Autolube Super oil and the establishment of Yamaha’s approach of having engine builders also develop the oil it will use.

Use of the Yamalube® brand for outboard motor oil began in 1984 while Yamaha sought to develop oil specifically to boost engine power in its 4-stroke motorcycles, using molybdenum as an additive to enhance lubrication performance.

With outboard motors growing in size and power, Yamaha accordingly developed a Genuine Yamaha oil specifically for its 2-stroke V6 models. And as the World Superbike Championship began in 1988, Yamaha created its first full-synthetic oil specifically for racing.

Yamalube history: 1970s-1980s


In 1992, Yamalube® became a globally unified brand and was expanded to markets around the world.

In 2003, Yamaha created its first oil meant specifically for the world’s first 4-stroke snowmobile based on our wealth of experience in blending oil for motorcycles. Entering the 2010s, Yamaha developed a new Yamalube oil for fuel-efficient 4-stroke outboards. 2015 and 2016 also saw the creation of RS4GP as the highest-grade Yamalube engine oil based on technical feedback from MotoGP and Yamalube oils specifically meant for Urban Mobility scooter models.

The Yamalube brand name celebrated its 50th year in 2017 and began being marketed worldwide as ‘A Liquid Engine Component’ to better  communicate the approach Yamaha has to developing engine oil as part of the engine itself.

Yamalube history: 1990s–present