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YOU Yamaha Motor Road Assistance


In addition to any limits and exclusions noted elsewhere your motorcycle is not covered for;

1. Costs for anything which was not caused by the breakdown.

2. Breakdowns in the UK resulting from road traffic accidents, vandalism, fire or theft.

3. Motorcycles which have broken down as a result of taking part in any motor sport event or off-road activity (including, without limitations rallies) which takes place off the road and / or is not subject to the normal rules of the road. However, vehicles participating in any event (such as a treasure hunt, touring assembly or navigational road rally), which takes place on, and comply with the normal rules of the road will be covered.

4. The cost of all parts, garage, labour or other costs in excess of the limits set out in this document.

5. Loss caused by any delay, whether the benefit or service is being provided by RAC or someone else (for example a garage, hotel, car hire company, carrier, etc).

6. Any incident affecting a vehicle hired by you even if arranged for you by us.

7. Routine servicing of your motorcycle.

8. The cost of a glass or tyre specialist. We will arrange for your motorcycle to be taken to a nearby garage for assistance but you will have to pay for any work carried out on the motorcycle. Any other recovery may be arranged but you will be liable for any additional costs.

9. The cost of a locksmith if you lose, break, or lock your keys in your motorcycle. If we are unable to retrieve the keys from your motorcycle for any reason, we will arrange for a locksmith to attend where available, but you will be responsible for the costs. If a locksmith is not available, we will arrange for your motorcycle to be taken to a nearby garage for assistance but you will have to pay for any work carried out on the motorcycle. Any other recovery may be arranged but you will be liable for any additional costs.

10. Any claim caused directly or indirectly by:
a) Your property being held, taken, returned, destroyed or damaged under the order of any Government or other Authority;
b) War, invasion, civil unrest, revolution, terrorism or any similar event.

11. Any claim caused directly or indirectly by the overloading of the motorcycle and/or any trailer.

12. Any claim as a result of motorcycle breakdown due to:
a) running out of oil or water;
b) frost damage;
c) rust or corrosion;
d) tyres which are not roadworthy;
e) using the incorrect fuel.

13. Any claim caused directly or indirectly by the effect of intoxicating liquors or drugs.

14. Any claim where the motorcycle is being riden by persons who do not hold a full United Kingdom or other recognised and accepted driving licence.

15. Any claim which You have made under any other policy of insurance held by you. If the value of your claim is more than the amount you can get from your other insurance we may pay the difference subject to limits and exclusions.

16. The cost of any transportation, accommodation or care of any animal. Any onward transportation is at RAC’s discretion and solely at Your risk. RAC will not insure any animal during any onward transportation.

17. Any period outside your period of cover.

18. Any vehicle other than a motorcycle, car, motor caravan, minibus fitted with not more than 17 seats including driver, light van, estate car, MPV or 4 x 4 sport utility vehicle and provided the vehicle conforms to the following specification:
• maximum legal laden weight of 3,500kg (3.5 tonnes). This weight is called the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM);
• maximum overall dimensions of: length 5.5 m; height 3m; width 2.25m (all including any load carried).
The vehicle restrictions apply equally to trailers except that the maximum length of trailers must not exceed 7m. If the motorcycle which has suffered a breakdown is towing a trailer and we procure recovery, the trailer will be recovered together with the motorcycle to a single destination. Other than as set out above trailers are not covered.

19. Any claim by you unless you are resident of the United Kingdom and the motorcycle is registered with the DVLA in Swansea or Northern Ireland.

20. Any motorcycle carrying more persons than recommended by the manufacturer, up to 3 persons maximum (including the rider).

21. The motorcycle if it is unattended.

22. Any personal effects, valuables or luggage left in the motorcycle or in any trailer or any other item being towed by or used in conjunction with the motorcycle. These are Your responsibility.

23. Specialist equipment costs. We will however arrange for the specialist services if needed, but you will have to pay for any additional costs direct to the contractor.

24. Any costs which are not directly covered by the terms and conditions of this cover.

25. Motorcycles which were broken down or unroadworthy at the start of this cover.

26. It is a legal requirement that vehicles used or recovered with their wheels in contact with the public highway must have a valid current excise license. Where no current excise license is displayed We will attempt to fix Your motorcycle at the roadside but will not provide any other service or benefit.
(The above is not applicable to those vehicles exempt under Section 5 of the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994, which includes certain types of vehicles, including certain old vehicles, agricultural vehicles and emergency vehicles. For further information please contact DVLA at

27. The costs of any parts provided by RAC to fix your motorcycle at the roadside must be paid in full by credit/debit card at time of breakdown before work can commence.