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YOU Yamaha Motor Road Assistance

Requirements and Limitations

Service in the UK

Credit card details
RAC will require your credit card details if RAC agree to arrange a service for you which is not covered by our agreement with RAC or if it exceeds the limits set out in this document. If you do not provide RAC with your credit card details RAC will not be able to provide certain services which will be notified to You when credit card details are requested.

The vehicle restrictions apply equally to trailers except that the maximum length of trailers must not exceed 7.6m. If the motorcycle which has suffered a breakdown is towing a trailer and we provide recovery, the trailer will be recovered together with the motorcycle to a single destination. Other than as set out in this paragraph trailers are not covered.

We do our best to find solutions to motoring problems, but We regret we cannot arrange a replacement trailer in the event of breakdown or accident damage which cannot be repaired.

Unforeseeable losses or events
Except in relation to any claim you may have for death or personal injury, if we are in breach of the arrangements under this contact, we will not be liable for any losses or damages which are not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach, for example, loss of profit, loss of revenue or anticipated savings, loss of contacts, or for any business losses.

We do not guarantee the provision of any of the benefits under this document, if there is anything beyond our reasonable control or the reasonable control of any service provider which prevents Us or a service provider from providing that benefit. Benefits may be refused if you or any of your Party behaves in a threatening or abusive way to any persons providing service.

Taxi Bookings
In some circumstances it can be quicker and easier for you to arrange a taxi. We may ask you to make your own arrangements for taxi service. If so please send your receipts to us and we will reimburse You.

Service providers
The garages, breakdown/recovery companies, repairers, car hire companies and other third party service providers whose services are arranged by RAC on your behalf and/or paid for under this document by RAC on your behalf are not approved by RAC. They are not agents of RAC and RAC cannot be held liable for acts or omissions of such garages or other third parties. You are responsible for authorising repairs and making sure any repairs to the motorcycle are carried out to your satisfaction.

Battery related faults
For battery related faults your policy entitlements are as follows:

• RAC’s initial attendance for a battery related fault is included in your policy’s entitlement.

• The fitting of any parts or batteries purchased by You prior to our attendance is not covered. This is to ensure that parts are fitted from reputable sources in order to avoid secondary callouts.

• RAC will test Your battery at that initial breakdown attendance. If the battery is no longer serviceable and so fails the test You will be advised to replace it.

• If a condemned (non serviceable) battery is not replaced, a charge of no less than £59 will apply for further assistance to a battery related fault. The charge will be payable by credit or debit card before assistance can be arranged.