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YOU Yamaha Motor Road Assistance

Service in the UK


If you are stranded on a public highway (or other accessible road or area to which the public has the right of access) as a result of a breakdown to your motorcycle, we will arrange for a contractor to assist you who will try to repair the motorcycle at the roadside.

Roadside includes labour at the scene of the breakdown but not labour at any garage to which the motorcycle is taken.

If the motorcycle cannot be repaired at the roadside, or if repairs are unwise, we will arrange for the motorcycle and up to 3 people to be taken to an authorised Yamaha dealer of your choice. If you have no preferred authorised Yamaha dealer, we will arrange for the motorcycle to be taken to the nearest authorised Yamaha dealer. If you wish the motorcycle to be taken to any other destination we will use reasonable endeavours to assist if you pay for the towage costs for the whole distance.

If you cannot readily get to the Motorcycle, we will arrange, if practicable, to have it towed to a place of safety and stored until you can collect it. The customer must be in attendance with the motorcycle at the time of breakdown and at the time of assistance. If the motorcycle is stored, this is at the customer’s cost.

Roadside does not cover:

  • Routine servicing of the motorcycle.
  • Breakdowns which would be prevented by routine servicing of your motorcycle.
  • Any labour other than that incurred at the roadside including, without limitation, garages.
  • The cost of parts, fuel or other supplies.
  • Replacing tyres or windows.
  • Missing or broken keys. We will try to arrange the services of a locksmith if you pay them direct.
  • The cost of ferry crossings, road toll and congestion charges.
  • Motorcycles within 1/4 mile of your home or where you normally keep the motorcycle.
  • Contaminated fuel. However, we will arrange for the motorcycle to be taken to a local garage for you to arrange and pay for any work carried out.
  • Any motorcycle storage charges before, during or after any assistance provided by us.
  • Assistance following an accident, fire, theft or vandalism or other incident normally covered by a motor insurance policy. We can arrange assistance if you pay for the cost of assistance. (You may be able to recover these costs under the terms of your motor insurance policy).
  • The tow or transport of any motorcycle, which, in our reasonable opinion, is loaded beyond its legal limit.
  • Any motorcycle in a position where we cannot work on it or tow it, or wheels have been removed, we can arrange to rectify this but you will have to pay the costs involved.
  • Please note that any onward transportation of animals is at our discretion and solely at your risk. We will not insure any animal, including livestock in transit, during any onward transportation we undertake.



Recovery has the same features and limitations as roadside but with the following variations:

Recovery operates only in the United Kingdom.

If we cannot arrange for the motorcycle to be repaired locally within a reasonable time, We will arrange for the motorcycle and up to 3 people to be taken to an authorised Yamaha dealer or to any other single address. An adult must accompany any persons under the age of 16.

Residents of Northern Ireland are also entitled to be recovered from the Republic of Ireland.

Recovery does not cover:

  • A second recovery if:
    1. The original fault has not been repaired properly by a party other than RAC; RAC have advised you that it is a temporary repair; or the desired destination cannot accept the motorcycle due to company opening hours or other restrictions.
    If a second recovery is required this service can be provided but a charge will be made dependent on the service required, time of day and distance. These charges will be payable by credit/ debit card prior to the relevant service being provided.
  • Use of the services having the object or effect of avoiding repair costs. For example, if a motorcycle can be repaired in a reasonable time we may not arrange recovery but arrange for repair instead.


At Home

At Home has the same features and limitations as Roadside but with the following variations:

  • At Home is only available in the United Kingdom.
  • At Home allows you to use Roadside services within 1/4 mile of home or the place where you normally keep the motorcycle.

At Home does not cover:

  • Rectifying failed repairs attempted by you or someone on your behalf.
  • Trailers or other objects being towed.
  • The reimbursement of taxi fares.


Onward Travel

If we cannot arrange for the motorcycle to be repaired locally within a reasonable time, we will arrange one of the following;
Either A hire car of up to 1600cc for 24 hours to enable you to complete your journey, providing that there is one available and that you can meet the requirements of the car hire supplier which may include:

  • Age limits. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age.
  • The need to have a current driving licence, and, if held, a driving licence photo card with You.
  • Limitations on acceptable types or number of motoring offence penalties and/or penalty points endorsed on your driving licence.
  • The need to provide a valid credit card number. (Alternatively, the car rental provider will require a deposit of no less than £50 and may also undertake a simple credit check, before releasing the vehicle to You). All hires are subject to the supplier’s terms and conditions.