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YOU Yamaha Motor Extended Warranty

How to make a Warranty Claim

At Yamaha Warranty Services we aim to make the claims process as simple as possible.

If you need to make a claim on this warranty, please return to any authorised Yamaha dealer.  They will confirm whether the claim and your warranty are valid and will administer the claim on your behalf.

On receipt of the invoice the claim will be settled subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty having being adhered to.  If you have any queries the Claims Department can be contacted on 0344 573 8226.


No repair work should be started before the Administrator has approved it and issued a claim number.


Making a claim abroad

If travelling outside of the country where the warranty was registered, take our Motorcycle to an authorised Yamaha dealer and the claim will be handled on your behalf.  If this is not possible, you may authorise repair work and in accordance with the terms and conditions, if the claims is valid, we will reimburse the cost of the repair following your return to the British Islands.

We will, following receipt of the repair invoice, reimburse the cost in GBP at the prevailing rate of exchange (if applicable) on the day the repair was completed.  All invoices should be made payable to “Yamaha Motor Europe NV Branch UK c/o Yamaha Warranty Services”.

All warranty invoices and associated correspondence should be sent to:

Yamaha Warranty Services

Claims Department

Jubilee House

5 Mid Point Business Park


West Yorkshire


If you require assistance whilst outside of the UK please contact our Customer Services Team on +44 1274 260 137.