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Thanks to the efforts from our Japanese engineers, Yamaha Motor is well-known for its high-quality products all around the world. For you, this means that you will be able to enjoy your Yamaha for many great years and kilometres. However – good maintenance and regular service is key to keep your Yamaha in perfect condition and therewith to stay safe and reliable.

Get the best care for your Yamaha

Yamaha’s Official Dealers are the best to perform such service since they receive dedicated training on our products regularly. Besides that, they have gained the best experience over the years with Yamaha products.

And when your Yamaha is serviced – make sure that Genuine Yamaha Parts and Yamalube products are used, since only these are 100% tested and approved by exactly the same engineers that created our fabulous two wheelers, ATV’s, outboards and other products.

Contact your local dealer for more details or check-out the ‘Yamalube’ section for the best oil and care products.

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Whilst we hope that you are able to enjoy your Yamaha all year round, we appreciate it may not always be possible or preferable to do so. Therefore, following any prolonged planned or unplanned periods of inactivity, it is always advisable to carry out some basic checks of your machine. As well as the important guidance provided in your owner’s manual and warranty terms & conditions, about how to care for your machine and ensure longevity of service, we also have some useful videos providing hints and tips for checking and preparing your machine for use.

However, should you be in any doubt, we would always advise contacting your nearest authorised Yamaha dealer at the earliest opportunity, as well as arranging for the machine to be serviced if necessary.