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Oil Filters

Genuine Yamaha Oil Filters

Changing your engine oil and oil filter is the single most important way to ensure that your Yamaha continues to perform at its full potential. A Genuine Yamaha oil filter is designed to clean the lubricant as it circulates around the engine.

Every Genuine Yamaha filter is designed to be replaced at set intervals. By observing the approved maintenance schedule and using only Yamaha Genuine oil filters and Yamalube® oils, you can also extend the life of your engine significantly.

In comparison tests with a number of aftermarket products, Yamaha Genuine oil filters came out on top every time. In terms of heat resistance, service life, filtration efficiency and pressure loss, the Genuine Yamaha part proved to be superior to every other non-genuine filter. So when it comes to oil filters you should always ask for the Genuine Yamaha part, and never, ever compromise on quality.