60 tons per hour - quietly and easily!

With its smooth, quiet 4-stroke engine, extra-wide (72cm) clearance capability, 17-metre snow-throwing power and feature-packed specification, our flagship YS1070T is the perfect choice for large clearing jobs.

The electro-magnetic auger clutch and smooth Hydrostatic Transmission - with single lever control - make it easy to use. You can adjust speed precisely and gradually without affecting auger speed and the rubber track drive delivers great grip and traction even in the harshest conditions.

We've even insulated the engine enclosure and used a large sound-muting muffler to ensure extra-quiet operation, so for domestic or commercial use, it's also the considerate choice!

Prethodno Sljedeće


    • Powerful Yamaha 4-stroke engine and electric start
    • Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) - a joy to drive
    • Powerful 2-stage blower - throws snow 17 metres!
    • Extra-wide (72cm) snow clearing performance
    • Tough rubber track drive - great grip and traction
    • Easy control of chute rotation - electric powered
    • 2-step chute - plastic liner reduces snow build-up
    • Heavy duty steel 2-stage auger - for tough jobs
    • 3-step gas-assisted auger height-adjustment system
    • Adjustable 'Snow Jaw' scraper
    • Electro-magnetic auger clutch & heavy duty casing
    • Handy work light on control bar - a bright idea!
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    Not all models shown are available in every country. The specification and appearance of Yamaha products can vary from time to time without prior notice. Those shown here are only for illustrative purposes and are not contractual description of producsts. Snow thrower warranty is subject to specific conditions. For further details, please contact your Yamaha dealer.