The ultimate personal assistant!

Getting around is so much easier and more enjoyable with the new Drive2 EFI. Powered by our 4-stroke EFI engine, this stylish PTV is the quietest petrol model in the class, producing just 60.5 decibels. And with its low emissions and excellent fuel economy, it's the ideal mode of transport at private resorts, estates and sports clubs.

Featuring independent rear suspension and new body styling - as well as an ergonomic interior for added comfort and convenience, the Drive2 QuieTech EFI gives a luxurious and relaxing ride.

With its automotive style dashboard, USB ports and powerful LED headlights, the Drive2 EFI is fully equipped to ensure total satisfaction on every trip.

Prethodno Sljedeće


    • Clean, quiet and economical EFI engine
    • Sleek new body style and bold new colours
    • Spacious automotive style dash with extra storage
    • Modular body with best in class occupancy space
    • Luxurious independent rear suspension
    • LED headlights and flashers
    • Premium 10-inch tyres
    • Tru-Trak II independent front suspension
    • Light and strong HybriCore chassis
    • Maintenance free rack-and-pinion steering
    • Low maintenance filterless oil system
    • Largest contoured seat in the industry
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