A whole new level of smoothness and performance

The legendary F150 still has those sleek looks and great features, but now brings you even smoother shifting and more sophisticated performance - thanks to the latest Drive-by-Wire technology of our digital electronic throttle and shift (F150G).

The advanced DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) design and special intake and exhaust systems optimise the combustion process - and a special cowling design traps and drains water more efficiently.

Many other unique features, like Variable Trolling RPM control, our Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt system – and Yamaha's optional Y-COP remote security system, make the latest version of this outstanding engine a real pleasure to use.

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    • Cowling design traps and drains water efficiently
    • EFI for cleaner power and greater efficiency
    • DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) aids performance
    • PrimeStart™ system for easy starting
    • Digital electronic throttle and shift (F150G)
    • Variable Trolling RPM controls low speed operation
    • Compatible with Yamaha Digital Network system
    • Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt
    • Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP) option
    • Optional Tilt Limiter switch system
    • Optional Dual Battery Charging system
    • Counter-rotating propeller model available
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