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FJR1300AE becomes the new Italian national police motorcycle

FJR1300AE becomes the new Italian national police motorcycle

The Italian branch of Yamaha Motor Europe NV has created and developed the "Yamaha for Police" project, through which it makes available its long tradition of technology and reliability to the world of law enforcement and local administrations with a dedicated range.

Thanks to the “Yamaha for Police” program, the ITALIAN NATIONAL POLICE will be able to carry out its work on the most advanced Yamaha Sport Tourer ever, with a specially created set-up.

The Yamaha fleet of 90 FJR1300AE has been delivered to the Italian National Police, which will be able to patrol and guarantee the public order and all services related to the safety of citizens on an advanced, reliable vehicle, equipped with a specific kit.


  • The FJR1300AE is powered by a 1,298 cc 4-cylinder in-line engine, which guarantees excellent acceleration, sporty performance and low fuel consumption. In carrying out the delicate tasks of the Police officers, this engine allows a driving style suitable for all situations.
  • The special supply, besides being made with the colors and logos of the white and blue institutional livery of the Italian National Police, also includes a specific set-up designed in partnership with INTAV Srl, consisting of:
  • LED flashing beacon mounted on a telescopic pole  
  • A pair of front flashing lights with LED technology, integrated in the standard windscreen      
  • Sound kit consisting of a pair of neodymium speakers with lowered profile, master and slave, equipped with an electronic module
  • Integrated two-tone siren, emergency / rescue sound
  • Management system with waterproof push-button panel equipped with backlit buttons

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