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Yamaha launches the Ténéré Spirit Experience for 2023

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The ultimate rally-raid adventure for every Ténéré owner.

To ensure that you have the chance to enjoy your Ténéré to the full, for 2023 we introduce the exclusive new Ténéré Spirit Experience in which you can join some of the world’s most famous rally-raid events, with the official Yamaha Ténéré World Raid Team.

Ténéré Spirit Experience

The Ténéré Spirit Experience...

For this unique experience you will have the opportunity to select a rally-raid and follow both the actual route, as well as a parallel route to the race competitors, living alongside the Ténéré World Raid race team in the bivouac each evening.*

Run by former Enduro champion and Dakar Racing Team manager Marc Bourgeois through his company MBSM on behalf of Yamaha, the Ténéré Spirit Experience is open to Ténéré owners who want to take their adventure riding to another level and get a real taste of rally-raid but without the intense pressure of competition while also being able to experience the beauty the landscapes provide. 

...Total package from start to finish.

Ténéré Spirit Experience is a total 360 degrees package that is designed to cover every aspect of the preparation, flights, bike transportation and every aspect of your participation in the chosen rally-raid.

Before the event you can choose to attend a Ténéré Centre** if you want to improve your riding or navigation skills, and MBSM will take care of everything else from start to finish – including daily pre-event briefings, logistics, technical assistance, GPS tracker fitment, breakfast and dinner and camping.

Take your Ténéré on an epic ride.

You will be riding your own machine at the Ténéré Spirit Experience events, but you don’t need to worry about making too many modifications.

MBSM technicians will equip your Ténéré with special wheels and tyres, as well as navigation equipment prior to the ride – and in some cases the Ténéré will also be required to be fitted with an extra fuel tank for specific events.

Ténéré Spirit Experience

The rally-raid events

In the Ténéré Spirit Experience you will be sharing the bivouac with Ténéré World Raid Team riders Alessandro Botturi and Pol Tarrès who will be competing at selected events – and there will also be extra top level guest riders joining various races.

The team of Marc Bourgois (MBSM) will take in charge both the Racing organisation and the Ténéré Spirit Experience program under the umbrella of the Ténéré World Raid Team, allowing for seamless integration of true racing spirit and customer experience.

  • Morocco Desert Challenge




  • Transanatolia


  • Tunisia Desert Challenge


Ténéré Spirit Experience

*Limited spots available: 20 Ténéré owners will join the Ténéré Spirit Experience.

**MBSM Ténéré Centres

With a number of locations in France and Morocco, MBSM Ténéré Centres are designed for riders wishing to take additional off-road training as well as developing their navigation skills. MBSM will have two Ténéré Centres located in France and Morocco. Other countries in Europe also have similar structures, contact your local distributors for more info.

For more information about the Ténéré Spirit Experience and MBSM Ténéré Centres, please visit the MBSM website: https://tenere-spirit-experience.com/