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Step up your game.

The gutsy 686cc 4-stroke engine comes with a series of features that boost power for fast acceleration. And with its efficient fuel consumption, the model takes you further between refills.

Built for racers, the YFM700R SE comes packed with a range of exclusive parts including a high compression head, special cam and race-bred fuel mapping. And with its piggyback shocks and 22-inch Maxxis front tyres, the YFM700R SE is built to win.


  • Only Big Bore solid rear Axle sports quad in the industry
  • Instant Power by multipoint EFI
  • Direct power supply through sequential 5 speed gearbox
  • Rock solid reputation, multiple Dakar winner
  • Iconic Predator styling
  • Set your handling character with Tunable shocks
  • Always straight trail thanks to eccentric chain adjustment
  • Special Maxxis tires to suit and support vehicle ride dynamics
  • Only Premium parts & material
  • Áramvonalas karosszéria kényelmes üléspozícióval
  • Kompromisszumok nélküli kivitel
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The YFM700R SE is for racers the ultimate track weapon, whether you use it on a closed circuit or fast trails.

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