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It's all about the race.

A race-bred assist and slipper clutch gives more precise control over corner entry speed for quicker lap times - while the race-bred engine delivers superfast throttle response and hard-hitting high rpm power for holeshot-winning performance.

Sharp-designed bodywork gives the rider space to shift the bodyweight during cornering or hard acceleration. And the lightweight piggyback shocks make for razor-sharp handling!


  • No Compromise 100% pure sport ATV
  • Only in its class and only production Quad racer
  • Direct power supply through sequential 5 speed gearbox
  • Set your personal handling characteristic with tunable shocks
  • Always straight trail thanks to eccentric chain adjustment
  • Special Maxxis tires to suit ride dynamics
  • Excellent over-the vehicle maneuverability
  • Instant throttle response by 32 bit EFI
  • Race ready stopping power
  • Könnyen működő gázkar
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We know that racing is about being the best. And that's an attitude reflected in the design of every Yamaha Sports ATV.

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