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2023 Sport Touring Range

10 minutes

NIKEN GT Evolution | New TRACER 9 GT+ | Improved TRACER 7 GT & TRACER 7

Yamaha’s Sport Touring range is one of the most dynamic line ups available today, with a remarkably diverse selection of high specification CP3-powered models from the new NIKEN GT and TRACER 9 GT+ through to the TRACER 9 GT and TRACER 9 – as well as the CP2-driven TRACER 7 GT and TRACER 7.



Revolution Reloaded

With its twin leaning front wheels the NIKEN GT offers supreme riding comfort together with elevated feelings of stability, unmatched cornering confidence and capabilities in a variety of weather conditions.

Featuring a higher specification together with a premium finish, the new 2023 NIKEN GT is one of Yamaha’s most sophisticated Sport Tourers and benefits from a range of advanced new engine, chassis and electronic control technologies that are designed to elevate the quality of every ride.

NIKEN GT action image

Sport Touring evolution

Equipped with a more powerful 890cc CP3 EU5 engine as well as connected TFT meter with Garmin navigation, enhanced suspension, improved ergonomics and state-of-the-art electronics, this unique machine delivers the excellent corner carving performance together with remarkable long distance capabilities.

Solo or with a passenger, this flagship Sport Tourer has the potential to offer an alternative perspective on the world – as well as the ability to inspire, excite and exhilarate on every journey to any destination. 


Key features

  • Dual leaning front wheels for feelings of stability
  • LMW-Ackermann steering – high agility with corner carving confidence
  • New more powerful 890cc CP3 EU5 engine
  • New 7-inch full colour TFT multiscreen meter
  • New smartphone connectivity
  • New Garmin full-screen navigation
  • New ECU and enhanced electronic control technology
NIKEN GT studio image

  • New ride-by-wire throttle
  • Redesigned handlebar switches
  • New grip heaters
  • New up & down quickshifter
  • New Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch
  • New +/- 70mm adjustable screen
  • New comfort rider’s seat
  • Redesigned main frame
  • Revised rear suspension linkage and settings
  • Quieter intake design
  • Revised exhaust system
  • New radiator
  • Hard side cases with new mounting stays
NIKEN GT studio image


Connected Roads

Building on the strengths of the existing models, the new TRACER 9 GT+ comes with a range of best-in-class technology that is designed to transform every ride by providing a previously unimaginable degree of versatility and control. Featuring fully integrated cutting edge electronics including a millimetre wave radar, Adaptive Cruise Control, radar-linked Unified Brake System, electronic suspension and intelligent riding modes – as well as connected TFT instruments and fully integrated Garmin navigation – the new TRACER 9 GT+ is ready to introduce a new era of control that will take the Sport Touring experience to the next level.

2023 TRACER 9 GT+

Key features

  • New Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • New radar-linked front/rear assisted Unified Brake System (UBS)
  • New millimetre wave radar
  • New 7-inch full colour TFT meter instruments
  • New smartphone connectivity
  • New Garmin full-screen navigation
  • Refined and integrated KYB electronically controlled suspension
  • New Communication Control Unit
TRACER 9 GT+ studio image

  • New integrated riding modes
  • New ergonomic handlebar switch clusters
  • New USB A outlet
  • Refined height-adjustable rider’s seat and new seat cover material
  • New clear smoke front/rear brake fluid reservoirs
  • Dedicated colouring and finishing
  • Refined sidecase mounts with damper system
  • New 3rd generation quickshifter for seamless acceleration
  • Larger diameter rear disc brake
  • Revised rear caliper, rear master cylinder and rear brake pedal
TRACER 9 GT+ studio image


Turn up your experience

Designed to deliver thrilling torque-rich performance and equipped with premium specifications, TRACER 9 GT underlines Yamaha’s policy of building motorcycles that give everyone the chance to enjoy the wonderful world of Sport Touring.

For 2023 the TRACER 9 GT is available in two new colours (Pure White and Midnight Black) and exhaust noise is homologated to 95dB.

2023 TRACER 9 GT

Key features

  • EU5 890cc CP3 engine producing strong, linear torque
  • KYB semi-active suspension
  • 6-Axis IMU plus lean-sensitive rider aids
  • Lightweight CF aluminium die-cast frame
  • Full LED lighting and cornering lights
  • Up and down QSS
  • Grip heater
  • Hard side cases
  • Twin 3.5'' TFT meters
  • Centre stand
TRACER 9 GT studio images


Smart Turns | It's Your Turn

For 2023 the TRACER 7 GT and TRACER 7 benefit from a comprehensive range of technical changes that are designed to provide an even more versatile and rewarding riding experience.

Driven by Yamaha’s remarkable EU5 CP2 engine, these extremely agile long-distance Sport Tourers are known for their thrilling performance. Both models receive a number of refinements and upgrades, while the TRACER 7 GT is even more richly equipped with additional features for enhanced touring capabilities.

TRACER 7 GT & TRACER 7 static image

2023 TRACER 7 GT

Key features

  • Available in 35kW for A2 licence
  • New 5-inch TFT meter
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Larger diameter front disc brakes
  • Refined adjustable front suspension
  • 20-litre hard side cases & rear carrier
  • New wider aerodynamic screen with single-handed adjustment
  • Comfort seat & side tank pads
  • Dedicated GT graphics & new colours
  • Pre-wired for QSS

TRACER 7 GT will be avilable in Icon Performance, Phantom Blue Midnight Black.

2023 TRACER 7

Key features

  • Available in 35kW for A2 licence
  • New 5-inch TFT meter
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Imroved braking performance
  • New wider aerodynamic screen with single-handed adjustment
  • Commanding riding position with comfortable ergonomics
  • 17-litre fuel tank giving long range autonomy
  • Compact LED flashers, integrated in handguards
  • Pre-wired for QSS

TRACER 7 will be avilable in Midnight Black, Icon Performance & Redline.