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Transporter 800

Key Features

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    794cc 2-stroke engine

    This lively twin-cylinder, 2-stroke engine really delivers the power to make the 800 fly - up the hills and along the trails. With its sophisticated, digitally controlled ignition and electronic fuel - and oil - injection systems, the engine runs at peak performance in all conditions, providing reliable power to haul you through the deepest snow and get you home safe.

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    Long travel rear suspension with flip-up

    The long-travel suspension features adjustable pre-loading of the torsion springs to cater for different loads. The convenient flip-up rail section makes it easier to climb out of deep snow by giving the 'feeling' of a shorter track model. Once locked up, the straight rail suspension greatly increases the traction, speed and stability on flat snow or the trails.

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    38" SRV front suspension - for precision

    The uniquely wide A-arm spacing and state-of-the-art suspension geometry complements the advanced chassis design, resulting in a really 'tight' set-up. The High Pressure Gas shocks feature a hard anodised aluminium body with a 0.5" shaft and an internal aluminium floating piston, along with high quality seals and ice scrapers and a forged shaft-end eyelet.

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    Camso® Power Claw track for max grip

    Across the industry, Camso® tracks are widely acclaimed for their grip, acceleration, cornering and all-round capability. The Camso® Power Claw track on our top-of-the-line Transporter, with its 2.25" lugs, 153" length and articulated skid frame, provides optimum traction - particularly valuable when exploring deep snow - and great grip for tight manoeuvering.

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    Spacious rear deck and sturdy cargo rack

    The spacious rear deck and tough, integrated, tube-style cargo rack are really attractive features of this Transporter. The practical design means you can carry skis, snowboards or leisure gear at the weekend - and tools and equipment on days when you're working. Pulling a sledge or trailer is a breeze thanks to the strong integrated pivot-type towing hitch.

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    Yamaha Mountain skis - wide and stable

    These wide Yamaha Mountain skis have earned a great reputation on our popular VK10 machine, where they make a big contribution to its awesome deep powder performance and stability. Now the Transporter 800 uses the very same design - the high flotation ability being especially effective in getting you up and onto the plane easily and quickly in deep powder.

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    Mountain steering system - max control

    The Transporter's tall steering post provides optimal comfort and posture for stand-up riding. To provide plenty of leverage when off-trail, the system design features a 6.5" riser with a broad, moulded, curved-end mountain bar and built-in mountain strap. What's more, the system is adjustable - just dial in sweep and reach, to stay in the sweet spot. Perfect.

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    Electric starting & push-button reverse

    From the moment you step aboard, the fun - or hard work - can start, thanks to the relaxing and convenient turnkey electric starting and the supreme efficiency of the EFI system. Once you're out there in the deep powder, the simple, push-button electronic reverse system comes into its own to get you out of a tight spot. The audible 'beeper' warning helps with safer manoeuvring.

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    Hand/thumb warmers & digital gauges

    Practical luxuries are a well-known Yamaha snowmobile speciality and a great many are incorporated in the latest line-up. Examples are the easily adjustable hand and thumb warmers, which are comfortingly standard, while our compact and stylish digital gauge keeps you informed with clear displays of rpm, speed, fuel and hours run, as well as vital engine data.

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    Tall windshield for comfort & protection

    For additional comfort on long, hard rides in tough conditions, the tall windshield protects the rider from even hard-blowing wind and snow. Securely fixed to the chassis, it offers consistent protection and visibility, even in extreme conditions. Twin smoothly profiled rear-view mirrors are also neatly integrated into the design, for extra visibility and safety.

Technical Specifications

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  • Engine
    Type / Displacement
    2 Stroke / 794 cc
    Bore x stroke
    85,0 mm x 70,0 mm
    Electronic injection
    Intake design
    Piston Reed Valves
    Ignition system
    Digitally Controlled CDI
    APV with tuned pipe
    Clutch / transmission
    Team Rapid / Reverse push Button Engine
    Disc brake system
    Stealth Hydraulic Master Cylinder w/ light weight Caliper
  • Suspension
    Front suspension system
    Front shocks
    HPG 1,5
    Front travel
    240 mm
    Rear suspension system
    Dual Shock SR 153 Torsion/Flip Up Rails
    Rear shocks
    HPG 1,5 / HPG 1.5
    Rear Travel
    343 mm
  • Measures / Dimensions
    Overall height
    1,321 mm
    Overall length
    3,353 mm
    Overall width
    1,219 mm
    Track W x L x H
    380 mm x 3,886 mm x 57 mm
    Track Type
    Camso® Power Claw 2,25”
    Ski stance (ctr. to ctr.)
    90.17-105.41cm (35,5-41,4in) Adjustable
    Fuel tank capacity
    51,9 L
  • Features
    Electric start
    Hand & thumb warmers
    Headlight watts, type
    60/55W Halogen

Features & Tech Specs